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Solar Warnings, Global Warming and Crimes Against Humanity

February 4, 14

Free Malaysia Today:

Malaysia Today:

New Straits Times:


Full text of my letter follows, with added links and inserted graph from

Solar warnings, global warming and crimes against humanity

Malaysian Realist

United States Secretary of State John Kerry was in Indonesia where he issued a renewed call to arms to combat climate change, calling it a “weapon of mass destruction”.

We’ve been seeing a lot of unexpectedly cool weather across the world. While this may be explained by local phenomenon such as the Northeast Monsoon in Malaysia and the Polar Vortex in the USA, a longer term trend of worldwide cooling is headed our way.

I say this because the sun – the main source of light and heat for our planet – is approaching a combined low point in output. Solar activity rises and falls in different overlapping cycles, and the low points of several cycles will coincide in the near future:

A) 11-year Schwabe Cycle which had a minimum in 2008 and is due for the next minimum in 2019, then 2030. Even at its recent peak (2013) the sun had its lowest recorded activity in 200 years.

B) 87-year Gleissberg cycle which has a currently ongoing minimum period from 1997 – 2032, corresponding to the observed ‘lack of global warming’ (more on that later).

C) 210-year Suess cycle which has its next minimum predicted to be around 2040.

Hence, solar output will very likely drop to a substantial low around 2030 – 2040. This may sound pleasant for Malaysians used to sweltering heat, but it is really not a matter to be taken lightly. Previous lows such as the Year Without A Summer (1816) and the Little Ice Age (16th to 19th century) led to many deaths worldwide from crop failures, flooding, superstorms and freezing winters.

But what about the much-ballyhooed global warming, allegedly caused by increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere? Won’t that more than offset the coming cooling, still dooming us all to a feverish Earth?

Regarding this matter, it is now a plainly accepted fact that there has been no global temperature rise in the past 25 years. This lack of warming is openly admitted by: NASA; The UK Met Office; the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit, as well as its former head Dr. Phil Jones (he of the Climategate data manipulation controversy); Hans von Storch (Lead Author for Working Group I of the IPCC); James Lovelock (inventor of the Gaia Theory); and media entities the BBC, Forbes, Reuters, The Australian, The Economist, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

And this is despite CO2 levels having risen more than 13%, from 349 ppm in 1987 to 396ppm today. The central thesis of global warming theory – that rising CO2 levels will inexorably lead to rising global temperatures, followed by environmental catastrophe and massive loss of human life – is proven false.

(All the above are clearly and cleanly depicted by graphs, excerpts, citations and links in my collection at – as a public service.)

This is probably why anti-CO2 advocates now warn of ‘climate change’ instead. But pray tell, exactly what mechanism is there for CO2 to cause climate change if not by warming? The greenhouse effect has CO2 trapping solar heat and thus raising temperatures – as we have been warned ad nauseum by climate alarmists – so how does CO2 cause climate change when there is no warming?

Solar activity is a far larger driver of global temperature than CO2 levels, because after all, without the sun there would be no heat for greenhouse gases to trap in the first place. (Remember what I said about the Gleissberg cycle above?)

And why is any of this important to you and I? It matters because countless resources are being spent to meet the wrong challenges. Just think of all the time, energy, public attention and hard cash that have already been squandered on biofuel mandates, subsidies for solar panels and wind turbines, carbon caps and credits, bloated salaries of dignitaries, annual jet-setting climate conferences in posh five-star hotels… To say nothing of the lost opportunities and jobs (two jobs lost for every one ‘green’ job created in Spain, which now has 26% unemployment!). And most of the time it is the common working man, the taxpayer, you and I who foot the bill.

What if all this immense effort and expenditure had been put towards securing food and clean water for the impoverished (combined 11 million deaths/year)? Or fighting dengue and malaria (combined 1.222 million deaths/year)? Or preserving rivers, mangroves, rainforests and endangered species? Or preparing power grids for the increased demand that more severe winters will necessitate – the same power grids now crippled by shutting down reliable coal plants in favour of highly intermittent wind turbines?

In the face of such dire needs that can be met immediately and effectively, continuing to throw away precious money to ‘possibly, perhaps, maybe one day’ solve the non-problem of CO2 emissions is foolish, arrogant and arguably malevolent. To wit, the UN World Food Programme just announced that they are forced to scale back aid to some of the 870 million malnourished worldwide due to a $1 billion funding shortfall and the challenges of the ongoing Syrian crisis. To put this is context, a billion is a mere pittance next to the tens of billions already flushed away by attempted adherence to the Kyoto Protocol (€6.2 billion for just Germany in just 2005 alone!).

During the high times for global warmist doomsaying, sceptics and realists who questioned the unproven theories were baselessly slandered as ‘anti-science’, ‘deniers’, ‘schills for big oil’… Or even ‘war criminals’ deserving Nuremberg-style trials for their ‘crimes against humanity’!

Even now in the midst of a quarter-century of no temperature change, John Kerry derided sceptics as ‘shoddy scientists’ and ‘extreme ideologues’ who are ‘burying their head in the sand’. Ironic then that nature herself seems to be acting the ‘extreme ideologue’ by refusing to cooperate with the fantasies of climate panickers!

Now that the tables are turned, just let it be known that it was not the sceptics who flushed massive amounts of global resources down the drain – while genuine human and environmental issues languished and withered in the empty shadow of global warming hysteria. Crimes against humanity, indeed.


All that said, I totally do not expect any apologies to be forthcoming from Datuk Renji Sathiah.

And how about some illustrative comics via Global Warming Rage Comics:

My National Car Motivational Poster on Malaysia Chronicle

July 31, 12

Lol, another of my Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters makes the rounds years after I stopped making them, unattributed again, at Malaysia Chronicle:

The full size (click on image):


But I actually think that my other one suits the theme of ‘wasted public monies’ better:


Thanks to tip from J.

See also more on PROTON:

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And other appearances of my posters:

Scott’s PENDATANG Demotivational Poster on Youtube

Evidence Act A Saboteur’s Dream Come True

June 16, 12

At free Malaysia Today:

At Malaysia Chronicle:


Original text as follows:

Evidence Act a saboteur’s dream come true

If the newly-amended Evidence Act is all that the media reports make it out to be, then its many loopholes and oversights will be a source of more evil than good. Do the crafters of the amendment really have so little idea as to how the Internet really works?

First as many have already noted, it is all too easy to hack or impersonate someone’s account and post offensive material under his or her name. What is to stop unscrupulous persons from starting unauthorized blogs or Twitter accounts under the name of a rival businessman, politician or even competitor for a girl’s affections?

In fact, these days it’s as easy as waiting for a co-worker you dislike to leave his smartphone unattended for a short while, and then using it to issue death threats against the boss! Meanwhile, it will be all too difficult for the sabotaged person to prove that he did not actually post those remarks himself.

Has the government so quickly forgotten their little spat with hacker group Anonymous? When the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) announced they were banning several file-sharing sites back in June 2011, Anonymous responded by hacking into government websites and defacing them. It was the most that the government could do to claim ‘victory’ since the damage was easily reversible.

But what if hacking ends up having far longer lasting, deeper reaching repercussions… Courtesy of the Evidence Act?

Imagine if after the Act lands an innocent blogger in hot water, the accounts of several prominent persons – say, an outspoken former Prime Minister’s blog, or the current Home Minister’s Twitter feed – inexplicably call for mass racial and religious violence. Will the Evidence Act then be applied in a similar manner, without prejudice between well-connected politician and resourceless layperson?

(By the way, just to clarify: This is a logical prediction, not a threat. Also, for the answer to the above question, see the anecdote about Teresa Kok below.)

Second, I am vehemently against the caveat that gives blog owners little or no recourse when offensive comments are posted on their sites. If it is easy enough for even unskilled persons to hack or hijack an account, it is even easier to sabotage someone’s blog or social website.

Imagine if several disgruntled individuals wanted to take down Malaysiakini or Malaysia Today – even temporarily – or give them countless legal and law enforcement hassles for years on end. All they would need to do is fill the comments section of every page with slurs and then quickly alert the police, complete with screen captures of their handiwork as evidence.

In fact, such a case has happened before in the US new media. A member of prominent blog waited until the wee hours of the morning to post extremely offensive, racist comments at a rival website (under a false name of course). He then boasted to his readers about how the moderators of the website were ‘racists’ because they allowed the disparaging comments to remain visible for hours.

Of course, the moderators of the website were sound asleep in bed at the time! By the time they got to the office and deleted the ugly remarks as per usual practise, the damage had already been done. Thankfully for them, the US does not have an Act that unfairly places the burden of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ on the accused!

Automated moderator/filter programs that rely on banning certain words are not really much help either. If someone were to post a string of four-letter words – each minorly misspelled, or with an asterisk replacing one letter – in conjunction with the Agong’s name, do you think readers and the police would not be able to catch the intended meaning?

In fact, the methods I mention above could be used together in order to bypass a website’s ‘Only Registered Members Can Comment’ safeguard. A hacker just has to access a registered, trusted user’s account and then spam hate under his username. An innocent blog owner together with an innocent commentor will both be in hot water!

Third and most importantly, all the above casual/disorganized attacks pale in comparison to what a well-organized, well-connected operation could do. If a lone, disgruntled Netizen can cause so much havoc as I describe above, then what about an individual or organization that has the resources and manpower to launch a mass undermining of their enemies – complete with hired professional hacking? And what if they have undue influence over law enforcement and the courts?

In the past years, already many bloggers and new media journalists critical of the government have been hauled up for allegedly ‘seditious’ remarks. In many of these cases, the accused’s computer is also confiscated to ‘assist’ in investigations.

Who is to say that the computer – with all its personal, private data and already logged-in user accounts – could not be used to add further ‘evidence’ against the accused? Blog postings can have their time and date of publishing set to any time in the future or past, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the date when the blogger was in the lockup. What alibi can the accused possibly bring up in such a case?

And lest you have any misconceptions about the law being dispensed with ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’, recall that Teresa Kok was rounded up under the ISA based on false reporting by Utusan Melayu. At the very same time, Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was also arrested under the ISA – but instead for truthfully reporting on Ahmad Ismail’s seditious, racist ‘pendatang’ remarks!

Meanwhile, Utusan Melayu’s reporters and editors were not hauled up for their defamatory and untruthful smears – just as they constantly get away with fantasizing about murdering opposition members, throwing slurs and ugly stereotypes at Indians, and accusing Christians of plotting the overthrow of the country. Ahmad Ismail also got away proud and unbowed, in fact more combative than ever!

In conclusion, the end result we can expect is that freedom of speech, freedom of the media and the truth itself will be squashed – directly through baseless arrests of bloggers and tweeters, and indirectly through intimidating others into closing their accounts before they end up sabotaged too.

Think about it, would any Bersih rally have been organized – or truthful accounts of the peaceful rallies vs brutal police tactics made known to the public – if social media were already abandoned by fearful citizens?

So to those who support the poorly conceived parts of the Evidence Act, know that you will have no one to run crying to – no right to complain! – when you end up on the receiving end yourselves.


Business Insider Links My Iran Missile Photoshop Post

December 6, 11

Wow… Business Insider saw fit to link my collection Iran-missile-Photoshop mockery.

Here’s the original/Photoshop comparison btw:

Iran Missile Test Photoshop

Enduring America did too following Business Insider’s article.

Kudos for the linkage guys. But credit rightly goes to the all the bloggers who spotted – and subsequently snarked at – Iran’s amateur hackery and the MSM who swallowed it unquestioningly. All I did was collect the various jibes, which is a compulsion of mine.

Bersih 2.0 vs Himpun – Double Standards, Doubly Insulting

October 25, 11


Bersih vs Himpun double standards Najib

Bersih vs Himpun double standards Najib


Malaysia Chronicle:

Bersih vs Himpun double standards Najib

Bersih vs Himpun double standards Najib


Text from my original:

Bersih 2.0 vs Himpun – Double Standards, Doubly Insulting

PM Tun Haji Abdul Razak is saying that the Bersih 2.0 rally should have been held – all nice and orderly like – in a stadium instead of invading the streets of KL. Just like how the wonderful and cooperative Himpun rally was held in Stadium Shah Alam this past Saturday.

Let’s recap why Bersih 2.0 was not held in a stadium..

When PM Najib was forced to accept the breadth and depth of public support for Bersih 2.0, he moved quickly to try and wrest control of the situation. Bersih 2.0 was verbally legitimized and even promised the use of a stadium for their rally. They decided on the historic and symbolic Stadium Merdeka which has capacity for 30,000 people.

Abruptly, their request to use the stadium was turned down and Bersih 2.0 was delegitimized again – despite PM Najib’s overtures and promises – with the excuse that the expected 300,000 attendees would be way over Stadium Merdeka’s capacity. That would be ten times too many people for the stadium to hold.

Way to troll the entire population of Malaysia! You can almost imagine our IGP’s face scrunched up in a a wry smile, going PROBLEM?”

Troll Face ProbleM?

Outraged at this about-turn, the rally went ahead anyway, bringing its message of clean and fair elections to streets (and worldwide via sympathetic rallies). After everything, Bersih 2.0 claims 50,000 attendees showed up. Meanwhile, the media estimates between 10,000 to 15,000 people – well within the capacity of Stadium Merdeka. And the police mockingly put the number at a pathetic 6,000. (“PROBLEM?”)

Wherefore then the justification for denying Bersih 2.0 the use of Stadium Mereka? Can a measly 6,000 people not safely gather and chant their slogans as the tear-gassing, chemical-spraying police in full riot gear close in on the stadium? /sarc

Now let’s look at Himpun.

The full title of the rally itself clues us in to the hoped-for turnout – ‘Himpunan Sejuta Umat’, 1 million people.

Yet Himpun was cleared to use Stadium Shah Alam – in record time nonetheless – even though the venue can only accommodate between 70,000 to 100,000 with some squeezing.

Similar to Bersih 2.0’s original planned turnout-to-stadium-capacity ratio, Himpun would have had ten times too many people for the stadium to hold. But Himpun’s planned excess of 900,000 people is a completely different paradigm from Bersih 2.0’s mere excess of 280,000!

How can PM Najib and the authorities justify and handwave away the blatant double standards shown here? The hypocrisy is insulting enough, but expecting us to swallow it is doubly insulting!

(Don’t get me started on the narrow, factional prupose of the Himpun rally – protesting ‘apostates from Islam’, which carries worrying echoes of the official + mob persecution of Christian Copts in Egypt which is often triggered by rumours of converts leaving Islam.)

And just for the record, a paltry 4,000 attendees actually showed up for Himpun. Can we take that as a resounding Malaysian TAK NAK!!! to religiously divisive politics?

So in this Bizarro World, fringe gatherings with disruptive aims are to be commended and legitimized… While broadly-appealing rallies with noble goals are actually lawbreaking riots bordering on rebellion and civil war.

Finally, I’m going to risk making readers fed up with US/Malaysia political comparisons – but US politics offers us key lessons about what might be up with our local politics. (And hey, there’s a good reason I was snidely dubbed ‘Leading Malaysian Neocon’, a label I have since adopted.)

For a few weeks now, Occupy Wall Street and its related protests have been touting their narrow, factional demands which basically amounts to END CAPITALISM FOR FAIRNESS but which as a practical matter translates to PEOPLE WHO WORK HARD ALL DAY SHOULD GIVE FREE STUFF TO SLACKERS LIKE US – complete with plenty of vulgarity, violence, crassness, lawbreaking, hundreds of arrests, and even the occasional defecating on police cars.

However, the media has been coddling the protests with carefully edited coverage, focusing only on the few individuals who seem the least abnormal, ridiculous and unreasonable. The ABC, CBS and NBC networks gave them 33 full stories or interview segments in just the first 11 days of October 2011.

Meanwhile, the massive nationwide Tea Party protests against wasteful government spending – comprising hundreds of rallies, each with thousands of very normal, job-holding attendees – were given only 13 total stories by ABC, CBS and NBC in all of 2009.

Even then, they are usually depicted as hateful, potentially violent and radically extreme – despite the total lack of observational evidence and about zero total arrests. They even pick up their own trash, instead of pooping on the street!

So in this Bizarro World, fringe gatherings with disruptive aims are to be commended and legitimized… While broadly-appealing rallies with noble goals are actually lawbreaking riots bordering on rebellion and civil war.

Wait, didn’t I just use that whole paragraph earlier?

You see, it all depends on who is favoured by certain political parties and their crony mainstream media… And who they oppose as a threat to their precious status quo of power and control.


Lim Guan Eng’s Family, Latest Target of the Wholly Unoriginal BN/MSM Complex

October 21, 11

My third letter in a series comparing dirty Malaysian and American political/media smears.

First letter: Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky

Second letter: Proven – the BN/MSMS Complex is Using Alinskyite Tactics


Malaysia Chronicle:

Lim Guan Eng Son and Anya Sun Corke

Lim Guan Eng Son and Anya Sun Corke


Malaysia Today:

Lim Guan Eng Son and Anya Sun Corke

Lim Guan Eng Son and Anya Sun Corke


Free Malaysia Today:

Lim Guan Eng Son and Anya Sun Corke

Lim Guan Eng Son and Anya Sun Corke


The smear job image as mentioned, via Malaysia Chronicle:

Lim Guan Eng Son and Anya Sun Corke


Text of my original letter, with extra embedded links:


Proven – the BN/MSMS Complex is Using Alinskyite Tactics

August 31, 11

A follow up to Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky.


Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Malaysia Chronicle:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky



Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Note: They subsequently changed the title as follows:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Free Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Text from the my original:


True Christians Support Neither Homosexuality nor Hatred

August 24, 11

A follow up to my previous letter Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng is Painting Me as A Bigot is now up at Malaysia Chronicle, which again has plenty of discussion in the comments.

From Malaysia Chronicle:

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng


As can be expected, the comments at this piece are far less insulting and adversarial than the previous one.

Again, see also Bible Passages That Oppose Homosexuality – Including the Words of Jesus and God Himself for the below-mentioned Biblical references.

As for how this post came about, it’s not just a response to the comments on my previous letter – as I stated in this comment:

In fact just this week I was pondering on the fact that ‘moderate’ Muslims don’t condemn and try and avert their more violent brethren nearly enough.

But what about churches who lend little or no voice of condemnation and chastising when groups like Phelps’ harass homosexuals and military funerals? If the rest of the world unfairly thinks that Christians as a whole hate homosexuals when we merely do not agree that homosexuality is permitted by the Bible, is that not partly our own fault for letting the loud minority get away with their antics?

With reference to Who Really Gives a Bad Name to Islam?.


Full text of the letter as published follows, with added links to the Bible passages:


Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng is Painting Me as A Bigot

August 22, 11

At Malaysia Chronicle, which has plenty of discussion in the comments.

(Follow up letter can be found at True Christians Support Neither Homosexuality nor Hatred.)

Some of them prove my point that simply for not accepting homosexuality as God-ordained, I am automatically labeled a bigot. At least one (Asur) was confused by my Ann Coulter-style not-clearly-marked sarcasm. And wits0 has been quite active there.

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng

Rev Ou Yang Wen Feng


Only after completing the letter did I realize that (as mentioned above) it echoes Ann Coulter’s style of alternating between sarcastic mocking and serious genuflection without clear markings.

Also, the closing two paragraphs recalls what she said at CPAC 2011’s Q & A session:

I was always friend of the gays… Then liberals come with this idea no one’s thought of for a thousand years – gay marriage. And I go to sleep one night being friend of the gays, I wake up the next day [a] homophobe! No! You can’t do that – you just made up this gay marriage thing.

And the closing two paragraphs also recalls a previous post of mine, Who Is Hijacking Whose Christianity?, and a letter to Malaysiakini by Steve Oh where he says:

It is one thing to be gay, as it is a fundamental right to be whatever people choose to be, but it is another matter to misrepresent Christianity.

Finally, see also Bible Passages That Oppose Homosexuality – Including the Words of Jesus and God Himself which is short-linked in the letter itself.


Original full text of my letter as follows, with added links to the Bible passages::


Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky

May 21, 11

UPDATE 29 August 2011: A follow up letter to this has been published, Proven – the BN/MSMS Complex is Using Alinskyite Tactics.


Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Malaysia Chronicle:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Free Malaysia Today:

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky



Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky

Sarah Palin Anwar Ibrahim Saul Alinsky


Text from the my original, with added links:

Sarah Palin, Anwar Ibrahim and the Politics of Alinsky

Ordinary Malaysians are getting fed up of neverending sex allegations against Anwar Ibrahim. This strikes a chord with me – it reminds me of a parallel situation that has been unfolding in the USA over the past three years.

The Big Government article ‘MSM Uses Palin’s Own Children as Political Weapons Against Her’ describes how the liberal-dominated mainstream media in America constantly shines a sickly spotlight on Sarah Palin.

The MSM parades, mocks and lambasts every minute detail that is even remotely connected to Palin, including the personal lives of her children.

The reason for this constant noise, according to the article, is that U.S. Democrats and their allies fear the impact she has on the political scene – even as they belittle her as wholly inconsequential and not worth a second thought.

After all, Palin turned Obama’s 2008 impending landslide against McCain into a mere majority of votes.

Until Palin, 45, burst onto the scene, Obama was headed for a Nixon/McGovern landslide. Palin may not have changed the election result, but she killed what otherwise would have been a rout… The biggest red flag proving her popularity with normal Americans is that liberals won’t shut up about her. The 2009 TIME 100, Heroes & Icons: Sarah Palin, TIME Magazine 30 April 2009

She has made Senators, Congresspersons and Governors out of underdogs by endorsing them in the 2010 U.S. elections.

Sarah Palin seems to have the magic touch when it comes to her endorsements. According to the NYT her record so far is 24-5 which is an amazing achievement… Her endorsement alone seems enough to get people to take a second look at candidates and reconsider their votes. So she’s building up a lot of good will and political IOUs – all of which would be very helpful for a 2012 run. Sarah Palin – Political Kingmaker, Ace of Spades HQ, 30 July 2010

The year of the “Mama Grizzlies”, Michelle Malkin, 8 July 2010

With just a Facebook posting criticizing Obama’s policies, she has gotten the U.S. President and Robert Gibbs leaping to respond – on national TV, no less.

His voice dripping with exasperation, the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said to me one July afternoon in his office: “If I would have told you that I could open up a Facebook account or a Twitter account, simply post quotes, and have the White House asked about those, and to have the entire White House press corps focused on your quote of the day on Facebook — that’s Sarah Palin. She tweets one thing, and all of a sudden you’ve got a room full of people that want to know…” The New York Times, 17 Nov 2010

If you thought the exact opposite of Sarah Palin, then Congratulations! You’ve been dutifully following the MSM. According to them, Palin is just a retro-hairstyled bimbo who sees Russia from her house and thinks North and South Korea are the same. (Recently, some our own local MSM pundits have not been innocent of this either – you know who you are.)

And then there is Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate in 2008. Besides her retro hairdo and family issues, her main claim to stardom has been her self-proclaimed experience in foreign policy for supposedly being able to see Russia from her Alaskan backyard.

Unfortunately, the Korean peninsula seemed just a little out of reach. She could not tell the difference between North and South Korea.

She was roundly credited for helping candidate Barack Obama win the presidency. In hoping to run for the presidency herself, the Republican Party’s stab at the presidency could self-destruct upon her nomination.

Only re-election on Obama’s mind now by BUNN NAGARA, The Star 15 May 2011

Surround her with as much triviality as possible, and the American public will grow sick of even the mention of her name. They will think of her only as a joke. “Sarah Palin? That airhead? You can’t be serious!” Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about her.

This strikes me as exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim.

There are those who fear Anwar’s impact as an inspiration and figurehead of Pakatan Rakyat – if not the de facto leader – even as they portray him as a sidelined, has-been, depraved lackey of America and Israel.

Surround him with as much tawdry drama as possible, and the Malaysian public will grow sick of even the mention of his name. They will equate him only with dirty jokes. “Anwar Ibrahim? Maybe he can still win the next election if he suddenly comes from behind, ha ha ha! Soon even the world’s public ends up laughing about him.

Just try this experiment out: Ask the next armchair pundit you meet if they know what Anwar Ibrahim’s economic, social and governance recommendations for the country are. The sex allegations have so permeated the atmosphere around Anwar that they have crowded out any serious discussion about him as a real political leader.

That is why sex videos featuring men who look nothing like Anwar are being bandied about. Who cares if no one is convinced it is really him caught on tape, as long as they keep talking about it and nothing else! Tomorrow another ‘whistleblowing insider’ could even release a sex tape featuring only women, and still claim it features Anwar Ibrahim!

The late community organizer Saul Alinsky is a major influence on Barack Obama’s philosophy. In Saul Alinsky’s book Rules For Radicals, Rule 12 describes how to delegitimize an opponent: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)

[[Note: I left out the last line originally.]]

You tell me if this does not describe exactly what is being done to Anwar Ibrahim now.

Malaysia has truly ‘matured’ politically if we are using underhanded tactics on par with the experienced Americans. Sadly, this is not something to be proud of.


Check out the comments at the sites. Apparently many of the commentors totally fail to see the irony of their bashing Sarah Palin based on what they read from the MSM, in the comments section of a letter explaining how the MSM’s coverage of Sarah Palin is misguided.

The Malaysiakini letter referred to in the Malaysiakini version is here. It was the final spur that got me to writing the letter. The first was a certain OMY who casually mentioned Sarah Palin (mixing her up with former Miss Universe’s goof), the second was the aforelinked Bunn Nagara hit piece.

UPDATE: And here Sarah sticks it back at the liberal MSM during her bus tour!

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