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What Door to Door Evangelists for Atheism Would Really Be Like

June 27, 12

STEP 1: Here’s the original cartoon that’s been making the rounds on the web:

Atheist Evangelists Cartoon

STEP 2: Compare what actual atheists are regularly noted for (hint: it’s not positively extolling the virtues of nonbelief, that’s for sure):

Flinging ‘unholy water’ on a highway to negate a blessing
Put up signs mocking religion – on space for Nativity scenes… Which gets all displays banned (tipped by wits0).
Booking up as many display lots as possible – intentionally at Christmas and Hannukah time
‘De-baptizing’ people of holy water with a hair dryer
Offering porn in exchange for Bibles to declare that the Bible is worse
Threatening a lawsuit to force the removal of a landmark chapel from a city logo – because it has a cross
Put up a confrontational billboard, at Christmas of all times
More confrontational and mocking billboards, at Christmas and targeting Christmas themes
– Trying to get a historic cross landmark removed
– Succeeding in getting crosses that stood for decades on a municipal building removed by threatening lawsuits
– Getting free Bibles removed from hotel rooms
– Getting free Bibles removed from guest rooms
– Getting a coach ordered to stop leading team prayers
Threatening a restaurant which gives discounts for praying before meals
Threateneing a pizza joint which gives a discount for bringing in a church bulletin
– Trying to get a cross removed from police property… Even though the only guy who can actually see it doesn’t feel offended by it!
– Christians (including chaplains!) being harassed out of the military by militant atheistic intolerance of any and all religion
– City being sued year on year to remove a cross that resides on private property – at taxpayer expense!
– Seemingly the majority of remarks left on a blog, comments section, message board or Twitter feed by atheists. Examples: ohTHATJesus Twitter feed, By The Book Comics.
– BONUS anti-Judaism… Demanding that the Star of David be barred from a Holocaust memorial!
– Among the most rabid hobbies of basically every single Communist regime which all just happen to be de-facto atheist. Examples: Leninist Russia, Stalinist USSR, Communist China, Khmer Rouge Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, Calles’ Mexico, and overall list here.

STEP 3: Thus I submit my edit of the cartoon, to better reflect reality:

Atheist Evangelists Realistic Real Life Cartoon

As Ace says:

But one of the central planks of the Church of Atheism is that religion is inherently evil and causes you to behave like an a$$hole.

Well, that’s not true. Most religious people are as far away from a$$holery as is possible.

Sure, there are the always-present Some. Some are a$$holes. Sure.

But if it’s religion that’s causing all this illogic and anger and emotionalism and pettiness and spitefulness and general a$$holery, why is it so present among those who have no religion?

Ace, btw, is not a religious person – self described as atheist/agnostic – and is by no means a Christian.

And via AoSHQ, Dinesh D’Souza:

But if you think about it, this is an inadequate explanation, because if you truly believe that there is no proof for God, then you’re not going to bother with the matter. You’re just going to live your life as if God isn’t there.

What I’m getting at is that you have these people out there who don’t believe that God exists, but who are actively attempting to eliminate religion from society, setting up atheist video shows, and having atheist conferences. There has to be more going on here than mere unbelief.

And from Kurt Schlichter:

Tis The Season For Militant Atheists To Whine

The key is not to be a jerk – that goes for both the person sharing his views and the person hearing them.

But jerkiness is the difference between the decent guy who’s just not feeling the connection with the Lord and the smug militant atheist who thinks that putting a fish sticker with legs that says “Darwin” on his Prius is biting social commentary.

These atheist evangelicals aren’t satisfied not to believe. They think we need to not believe too. They seem to live under the bizarre misapprehension that if they are just rude enough to us believers, we’ll somehow unsee the light, put the scales back on our eyes and cast off our faith to embrace a life of spiritual emptiness.

The most annoying ones file lawsuits. Somebody wants to say a prayer before a Friday night high school football game in East Tumbleweed, Texas, and you can be sure some litigious twerp will allege that he is being subjected to the worst religious oppression since the Christians played the lions in the Colosseum.

And what Christmas and Hanukkah season would be complete without some friendless killjoy suing because a town decided to stick a cross and a menorah out in front of city hall? The sight of so many happy, content people seems painful to them. But then, have you even met a happy, content militant atheist? If so, what was the name of his unicorn?


See also twin posts, Christianity Inspires Good in A Way Unbelief Cannot Emulate (serious) and Things That Are Highly Unlikely (Atheism vs Christianity) – Me on Twitter (snarky).

The Ryskind Sketchbook is Back

June 27, 12

And in action once again!

Blogging at his WordPress, and tweeting at this handle.

I’ve long been using his spot-on cartoons to make a point.

Conspiracy Theory: Is Anders Breivik Actually a Pro-Islam Agent?

June 25, 12

I’ve written on how Anders Breivik is a non-practising ‘Christian’ and how his usage of Scripture is entirely out of whack.

Now I’ll put myself in the mindset of conspiracy theorists and conjecture: Is Anders Breivik actually an agent provocateur for Islam?

Consider the following:

1) He claims to have carried out his shooting massacre in protest the colonization/conquest of Europe by Muslim immigrants. But who did he actually decide to kill? Not Muslims or immigrants, but Caucasians of irreligious/nominally Christian leanings.

2) He cites the Bible and argues his justification for killing. But his citations are out of context and way off, requiring incredible stretches and leaps of logic to fit his agenda. He acts nothing like a Christian, but ordinary Christians bear the brunt of the outraged backlash.

3) He claims his actions are to inspire the West to arouse from its slumber and begin resisting the ‘Muslim invasion’… But anyone with the slightest grasp of what gutless, spineless, milquetoast postmodern European sociopolitics is like (and Breivik claims to be all too aware of it) would know that an act like this would only arouse mass support for Islam, as well as give Muslim agitators potent ammunition in wringing out concessions to make up for the West’s ‘Islamophobia’.

So in one fell swoop, NO MUSLIMS ARE KILLED OR INJURED… But plenty of godless, immoral liberals lie dead. Those Islamophobic conservatives and crusader-spawn Christians take a major PR blow. And Muslims get a (for once) concrete reason for Western Politically Correct handwringing, groveling, apologizing and promises to make up to the Islamic world for the ‘hatred’ shown against their noble culture.

Even though no Muslims were actually hurt, or even directly ‘hated’, in Breivik’s attack.

However, I personally don’t believe that Anders Breivik is some sort of Islamophilic apologist for Muslims, carrying out an incredibly intricate and devious ploy to rouse public and political sympathy for Muslim immigrants (as if there wasn’t enough of that already).

How do we usually know that a terrorist attack (attempted or successful) is motivated by jihad? Their history is usually clearly marked by public proclamations of faith (e.g. Nidal Hassan‘s derision for his infidel coworkers); browsing of extremist and jihadist websites, chatrooms and message boards (e.g. many of the BUSTED terrorist wannabes that The Jawa Report regularly; and of course the telltale giveaway cries of “Allahu akhbar!” as they carry out their murder spree (e.g. Nidal Hassan again and countless others).

None of these markers were present in Anders Breivik, who spent his time polluting fascist chatrooms instead of jihadist ones. He did not ‘come out’ as a Muslim

Very seldom do we hear of a

That said, if Anders Breivik really does turn out to be a ‘secret Muslim supporter’ or a Muslim himself, then his ability to hide/fake his online history and plan out such a convoluted, Tom Clancy-esque strategy shows that is he is a cut above the rest.

Super Street Pianist 2 Turbo

June 22, 12

Lol, found via Kotaku’s Facebook:

Ryu Ultimate Combo Street Fighter Piano

And the post notes that:

Hey, look! This shirt got reprinted on Threadless. Yayyyyy shirt!

If you want it:

Previous Street Fighterness:

Street Fighter – How Do You Do Ken?

Literal Street Fighter

Halolz: Street Fighter – Are You Ken?

‘Landslide’ Victories in US Presidential Elections: Obama vs Reagan

June 22, 12

I’ve covered Obama compared to Reagan before at here:

As well as other mentions of that great President.

Now I’ll rehash an old comment of mine that was in response to a naive Obama worshipper who mistakenly thought that Obama’s 2008 victory was anything close to a ‘landslide’.


First, we look at the percentage of votes as follows. Wikipedia: United States presidential election, 2008:

Barack Obama vs John McCain
Electoral vote 365 vs 173
States carried 28 + DC + NE-02 vs 22
Popular vote 69,456,897 vs 59,934,814 (116:100 ratio)
Percentage 52.9% vs 45.7%

Not a very impressive map, really.

Compared to Wikipedia: United States presidential election, 1980:

Ronald Reagan vs Jimmy Carter vs John B. Anderson
Electoral vote 489 vs 49 vs 0
States carried 44 vs 6 + DC vs 0
Popular vote 43,903,230 vs 35,480,115 vs 5,719,850 (124:100:16 ratio)
Percentage 51.6% vs 41.7% vs 6.70%

Lookit that sea of red!

1980 Reagan’s 489 electoral votes clearly outstrips Obama’s 365 electoral votes. But fair enough, Reagan got 51.6% of the popular vote against Obama’s 52.9% – though one could argue that the Independent contender John B. Anderson’s 6.70% would other wise have gone to Reagan (using Anderson’s 0 electoral votes as precedent) to give the Gipper a total of 58.30%.

And a 58.30% is not a wild fantasy, because now let’s look at the even more incredible Wikipedia: United States presidential election, 1984:

Ronald Reagan vs Walter Mondale
Electoral vote 525 vs 13
States carried 49 vs 1 + DC (Head to the link and look at the map! It’s almost entirely red!)
Popular vote 54,455,472 vs 37,577,352 (145:100 ratio)
Percentage 58.8% vs 40.6%

Now even the last few blue holdouts have almost all surrendered!

So in 1984, Reagan got a far higher ratio of the electoral vote, states and popular vote than Obama in 2008. Obama is a featherweight compared to what Reagan achieved!

And note that Reagan was running for a second term, which means people voted for his 4 years of proven policies – very different from the untested Obama benefiting from anti-Bush sentiment and a crony media that refused to vet him.

In fact, adjusting for total votes cast (2008’s 129,391,711 which is 40.59% more than 1984’s 92,032,824 or 52.04% more than 1980’s 85,103,195) due to expanding population, if Reagan’s popular votes percentages were adjusted to 2008’s voting population, 1984 Reagan would have gotten 76,558,948 votes – 7,102,051 more than Obama ever managed!

Via Dan Mitchell:


And if the 2010 elections are anything to judge by:

Then 2012 will see an even more massive landslide for the Republican nominee – just as 1980 saw Reagan first elected on the back of Carter’s failed Democrat policies!

Israel Was Jewish Before 1948 War

June 20, 12

Found this well argued letter back from Malaysiakini Letters 2009. Bolding emphasis is mine:

Israel’s destruction no solution to Palestinian issue
4:12PM Feb 9, 2006

Abdar Rahman Koya accuses me and others of practicing an indifference to history rather than merely being pragmatic in our solution to this problem when we defend the continued existence of the state of Israel and point out the errors in history that have justified anti-Semitism. Yet it is an indifference to history that Koya and others practice that paints a black and white picture of the Palestinian-Israeli issue that continues to promote misunderstanding and even hatred. Always ‘Arab good, Jew Bad’!

When Israel was created, thousands of Palestinian lives had not yet been taken. It was not created through the mass shedding of blood but through debate, albeit heated at times, and the signing of a pen. There were numerous Arab initiated riots prior to that time that had shed blood, mostly Jewish, but not on a massive scale. Israel was created in an area of the Middle East that already had a clear Jewish majority living in it. Just like Transjordan, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon before it, Israel was created by international powers. The only difference was that it had a majority Jewish population and not Arab Muslim. And contrary to what Koya would say, the vast amounts of Jews who came to this land before and after the Second World War and who eventually fought and died in the ensuing Arab initiated wars, were refugees and not invaders or conquerors. Yet Koya would also probably have us believe that the ethno-cultural background of the Jewish state is not part of the reason that the surrounding countries and peoples sought its elimination.

Mass Arab Palestinian lives were only taken only after the Arab nations declared war and invaded and then maintained this state of war for 60 years. That is historical fact and all of Koya’s desire for revisionism can’t change that. All I ask is when will Arab nations and their Muslim brethren around the world acknowledge their role in the plight of the Palestinian people and their responsibility for finding a peaceful solution outside of the destruction of Israel and the conquering of its people?

It is at least a shared blame as I fully acknowledge Israel’s far than perfect nature and do not absolve them of all their actions in the last 60 years. However, the destruction of Israel and the resulting death of its people (as they will not allow this to happen), counter to what Koya insinuates, is the goal of Hamas. Just read their charter in its entirety to understand that.

I do know what kind of ‘state’ I’m talking about? Israel for all its obvious faults is still a vibrant democracy. Arab Israelis can vote and participate in politics, run newspapers and protest. There is a strong movement for peace and negotiation among all types of Israelis who are free to voice their opinions. There is an active and progressive Supreme Court who forwards the causes of equal rights and human rights for all Israelis. It is one of the few courts in the world to declare illegal all forms of torture including non-lethal torture as was used in Gitmo and Abu Gharib by the Americans. Do I see them as ‘occupiers’ of the West Bank? Yes, they should withdraw to the 1967 borders and dismantle all settlements there. Should Palestinians have a state of their own? Of course I believe that, but not if it means the destruction of another state and the expulsion or death of its people. Who could really accept such a solution?

The International Jew was inspired by and based on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. So whether the latter is a fake is extremely important to whether we can accept the former. As a former book publisher, Koya should realise this. Hamas in its charter accepts the Protocols as the truth, it is key in their war against Israel and the Jews. Ford and his family, accepted the truth about the fraudulence of the Protocols and apologised for The International Jew. Yet Koya would continue to maintain its underlining “truthfulness” despite knowing that its source was an insipid fake and that the author rejected his own book in the end. That is the faith of a true zealot.

Finally, what does it matter if a book sells well or not? If it is fraudulent then the publisher is morally obliged to either say so or choose not to publish it in the first place. Sales do not mean much. The Protocols still sells well in Iran, whose view of Israel is well known and I’m pretty sure that Mien Kampf still sells well to the neo-Nazis. So what? It means little. If an idea is based on lies and racism then the idea itself is deceitful and racist even if it was unintended to be so.

By the way, it was Jordan illegally occupying Jerusalem up until 1967.

From Melanie Phillips:

The San Remo Treaty of 1920, in which the victors of the First World War parcelled out the remnants of the defeated Ottoman Empire, created a geographical area called Palestine along both sides of the Jordan River.

Article 6 of the Palestine Mandate signed by the League of Nations in 1922 stipulated ‘close Jewish settlement’ on the land west of the Jordan River. The river served as the boundary because that year the UK created a new Arab country, today known as Jordan, by unilaterally bestowing the land east of the river onto the Hashemite dynasty and thus giving some three quarters of Palestine away.

That Mandate treaty obligation to settle the Jews in Palestine from the river to the sea has never been abrogated and endures today. The 1945 UN Charter, Chapter XII, Article 80 explicitly says than nothing within it shall ‘alter in any manner the rights whatsoever of any states or any peoples or the terms of existing international instruments to which Members of the United Nations may respectively be parties’.

Furthermore, Israel’s ‘occupation’ of these areas is legal twice over – since it merely gained them in a war of self-defence in 1967, and is thus legally entitled to hold onto them until the belligerents stop waging war upon it. Which they still have not.

Combined 816 mentions by name and synonym Zion. And zero times by name in the Quran.

See also:

1873 Ottoman Empire Map – NO PALESTINE NOTED

Admit It – People Hate Israel and Jews Just For Being Israel and Jews – Israel is an artificial state formed by the Western colonial powers? So are Algeria, Morocco, Jordan – in fact almost ANY Arab state or nation that used to be under Ottoman rule – Malaysia, Pakistan (another case of cut along the dotted religious lines) – and yes, Palestine. And the formation of Israel got a greater than 70% vote in the UN.

Global March to Jerusalem Aims to Reverse 3000 Years of History

4000 Years in 4 minutes – Israel Animated History

See also amazing archaeological finds confirming the Bible’s historical claims at this site.

And more: Search for ‘Israel’ on my blog

Harassment by Syndicate Thugs in JB

June 20, 12

Via The Star Opinion 20 Jun 2012:

Stop this criminal menace in JB

AS part of my duty as a citizen of Malaysia and a resident of Johor Baru city (Bandaraya), I must report the presence of swindling syndicates in town. Syndicate members plant themselves in the neighbourhood of City Square building and the immigration office (First Link).

They are usually young hooligans who station themselves in high traffic places such as the main Junction of City Square Johor Bahru and opposite Hong Leong Bank at Jalan Wong Ah Fook. They are there until the early hours of the morning.

Basically, their intention in basing themselves there is to get “signatures” randomly from pedestrians in the hope of engaging gullible people in their swindling schemes.

Their presence is not only a nuisance to the residents of the town, but also an eyesore to tourists from Singapore and other countries. They may even be endangering the safety of the public in general.

When these syndicate members fail to gain contact with their intended victims, they yell vulgarities and attempt to use body contact in threatening them. Regardless of the age of the passer-by targeted, they would not fail to cause some harm whenever they are ignored.

Many complaints have already been voiced as commentaries in various newspapers, but no action has been taken to secure the safety of residents in the city.

We hope the police will take appropriate action against these syndicate members for the city of Johor Baru to be safer.


Johor Baru

Evidence Act A Saboteur’s Dream Come True

June 16, 12

At free Malaysia Today:

At Malaysia Chronicle:


Original text as follows:

Evidence Act a saboteur’s dream come true

If the newly-amended Evidence Act is all that the media reports make it out to be, then its many loopholes and oversights will be a source of more evil than good. Do the crafters of the amendment really have so little idea as to how the Internet really works?

First as many have already noted, it is all too easy to hack or impersonate someone’s account and post offensive material under his or her name. What is to stop unscrupulous persons from starting unauthorized blogs or Twitter accounts under the name of a rival businessman, politician or even competitor for a girl’s affections?

In fact, these days it’s as easy as waiting for a co-worker you dislike to leave his smartphone unattended for a short while, and then using it to issue death threats against the boss! Meanwhile, it will be all too difficult for the sabotaged person to prove that he did not actually post those remarks himself.

Has the government so quickly forgotten their little spat with hacker group Anonymous? When the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) announced they were banning several file-sharing sites back in June 2011, Anonymous responded by hacking into government websites and defacing them. It was the most that the government could do to claim ‘victory’ since the damage was easily reversible.

But what if hacking ends up having far longer lasting, deeper reaching repercussions… Courtesy of the Evidence Act?

Imagine if after the Act lands an innocent blogger in hot water, the accounts of several prominent persons – say, an outspoken former Prime Minister’s blog, or the current Home Minister’s Twitter feed – inexplicably call for mass racial and religious violence. Will the Evidence Act then be applied in a similar manner, without prejudice between well-connected politician and resourceless layperson?

(By the way, just to clarify: This is a logical prediction, not a threat. Also, for the answer to the above question, see the anecdote about Teresa Kok below.)

Second, I am vehemently against the caveat that gives blog owners little or no recourse when offensive comments are posted on their sites. If it is easy enough for even unskilled persons to hack or hijack an account, it is even easier to sabotage someone’s blog or social website.

Imagine if several disgruntled individuals wanted to take down Malaysiakini or Malaysia Today – even temporarily – or give them countless legal and law enforcement hassles for years on end. All they would need to do is fill the comments section of every page with slurs and then quickly alert the police, complete with screen captures of their handiwork as evidence.

In fact, such a case has happened before in the US new media. A member of prominent blog waited until the wee hours of the morning to post extremely offensive, racist comments at a rival website (under a false name of course). He then boasted to his readers about how the moderators of the website were ‘racists’ because they allowed the disparaging comments to remain visible for hours.

Of course, the moderators of the website were sound asleep in bed at the time! By the time they got to the office and deleted the ugly remarks as per usual practise, the damage had already been done. Thankfully for them, the US does not have an Act that unfairly places the burden of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ on the accused!

Automated moderator/filter programs that rely on banning certain words are not really much help either. If someone were to post a string of four-letter words – each minorly misspelled, or with an asterisk replacing one letter – in conjunction with the Agong’s name, do you think readers and the police would not be able to catch the intended meaning?

In fact, the methods I mention above could be used together in order to bypass a website’s ‘Only Registered Members Can Comment’ safeguard. A hacker just has to access a registered, trusted user’s account and then spam hate under his username. An innocent blog owner together with an innocent commentor will both be in hot water!

Third and most importantly, all the above casual/disorganized attacks pale in comparison to what a well-organized, well-connected operation could do. If a lone, disgruntled Netizen can cause so much havoc as I describe above, then what about an individual or organization that has the resources and manpower to launch a mass undermining of their enemies – complete with hired professional hacking? And what if they have undue influence over law enforcement and the courts?

In the past years, already many bloggers and new media journalists critical of the government have been hauled up for allegedly ‘seditious’ remarks. In many of these cases, the accused’s computer is also confiscated to ‘assist’ in investigations.

Who is to say that the computer – with all its personal, private data and already logged-in user accounts – could not be used to add further ‘evidence’ against the accused? Blog postings can have their time and date of publishing set to any time in the future or past, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the date when the blogger was in the lockup. What alibi can the accused possibly bring up in such a case?

And lest you have any misconceptions about the law being dispensed with ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’, recall that Teresa Kok was rounded up under the ISA based on false reporting by Utusan Melayu. At the very same time, Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was also arrested under the ISA – but instead for truthfully reporting on Ahmad Ismail’s seditious, racist ‘pendatang’ remarks!

Meanwhile, Utusan Melayu’s reporters and editors were not hauled up for their defamatory and untruthful smears – just as they constantly get away with fantasizing about murdering opposition members, throwing slurs and ugly stereotypes at Indians, and accusing Christians of plotting the overthrow of the country. Ahmad Ismail also got away proud and unbowed, in fact more combative than ever!

In conclusion, the end result we can expect is that freedom of speech, freedom of the media and the truth itself will be squashed – directly through baseless arrests of bloggers and tweeters, and indirectly through intimidating others into closing their accounts before they end up sabotaged too.

Think about it, would any Bersih rally have been organized – or truthful accounts of the peaceful rallies vs brutal police tactics made known to the public – if social media were already abandoned by fearful citizens?

So to those who support the poorly conceived parts of the Evidence Act, know that you will have no one to run crying to – no right to complain! – when you end up on the receiving end yourselves.


1873 Ottoman Empire Map – NO PALESTINE NOTED

June 16, 12

Via The Jawa Report:

Ottoman Map 1873 No Palestine

It is important to note that this 1873 map is an Arabic map, so it can’t be brushed aside as a misunderstanding of the Ottoman Empire or Western propaganda.

…the area of Israel is called ” Wilayat Soorya” meaning “Province of Syria.”

This land was under the domination of the Ottomans for almost 500 years and NO WHERE can one read the word Palestine or Palestinian on it.

And another ancient source confirms:

Turkey’s top Muslim cleric, Professor Mehmet Görmez, had to say: […] “After the Prophet Omar conquered al-Quds he was invited to pray at a church (since there were no mosques in Jerusalem). But he politely refused because he was worried that the (conquering) Muslims could turn the church into a mosque after he prayed there.””

Bekdil continued, “Now, read that line once again, or a thousand times if you wish to: “After the Prophet Omar conquered al-Quds…” And think about why there were no mosques in Jerusalem at the time of the conquest. Still no clue? Allow me to explain: Because Jerusalem was not a Muslim city. And now you claim it back because it is under “Jewish occupation!” The refusal to pray at the church was very noble of the Prophet Omar. I personally do not expect you, dear Islamists, to behave as virtuously and gallantly as the prophet, but at least you can do something easier: Stop fighting for a city that belonged to other faiths before your ancestors conquered it.”

From WND: Who are the Palestinians?:

By all eyewitness accounts of that era, Palestine was a total desolation. There were virtually no trees and no people. Because of lack of trees, the weather changed and it rarely ever rained. The irrigation systems of the once fertile valleys were all destroyed, rendering most areas into malaria-ridden swamps. The terraces of the mountainsides were torn down, causing terrible erosion that left only barren rocks. This was the condition of Palestine by the beginning of the 19th century.

It was at this time that Jews began to flee severe persecutions in Russia and Eastern Europe. In the mid-1800s, some Jews came to Palestine and, with the generous aid of some successful Jews like the Rothschilds, began to buy property from Muslim Ottoman Turks. The Muslims thought the land was worthless anyway, so they sold it to the “dumb Jews” for extremely inflated prices.

To everyone’s amazement, the Jews were very successful at reclaiming the land. Many of them died from malaria and the rigorous life the work demanded, but they performed an agricultural miracle that made the land very productive again. As a result of their success, poor migrant workers from the surrounding Muslim countries began to flood in to work for the Jews. The Jews literally became victims of their own success – almost all of the people calling themselves “Palestinians” today are the descendants of those migrant workers.

Much more is said and documented on this subject in my book. But the main point is this: The Muslims have repeatedly shown they understand these things. Since they know that the so-called “Palestinians” are not a homogeneous people, but rather a mixed conglomerate of workers with no cohesive organizational or political skills, they have repeatedly not given them a state.

Via 7th Rangers:

A representative from Israel began: “Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses.

When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, ‘What a good opportunity to have a bath! He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water.

When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. A Palestinian had stolen them.”

The Palestinian representative jumped up furiously and shouted, “What are you talking about? The Palestinians weren’t there then!”

The Israeli representative smiled and said, “And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech.”

See more arguments as follows:

Combined 816 mentions by name and synonym Zion. And zero times by name in the Quran.

Global March to Jerusalem Aims to Reverse 3000 Years of History

4000 Years in 4 minutes – Israel Animated History

See also amazing archaeological finds confirming the Bible’s historical claims at this site.

And more: Search for ‘Israel’ on my blog

Raja Muda Notes Worsening National Unity

June 12, 12

Excerpt from The Star 12 June 2012:

Raja Muda laments loss of civility among M’sians

Malaysian leaders face the challenge of managing an increasingly polarised society, said Raja Muda of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah.

While Malaysians have always “pulled together” when it mattered, he said, national unity had regressed in recent years.

Raja Dr Nazrin said: “In many areas of public interaction, we seem to have lost a certain graciousness and civility in public life. This trend is not just a Malaysian phenomenon but a worldwide one.”

“In many areas of national life, the spirit of give and take’ that was the societal norm for so long has given way to the spirit of take and take’,” he said in his public lecture on The Challenges Of Governance In Contemporary Malaysia here yesterday.

“The challenge for ordinary Malaysians is to be discerning enough to not fall prey to religious or ethnic posturing, or to be swayed by loose promises and ill-founded stories.”

Well, maybe he should look at what has been doing over the past DECADES!

UMNO Racist, or Not? Dr M Forgetting His Own Past Words Again

Lim Guan Eng’s Family, Latest Target of the Wholly Unoriginal BN/MSM Complex

Utusan Melayu Has Absolutely NO SHAME in Suing Teresa Kok

Shameless Utusan Melayu Says Teresa Kok Defamed Them

UMNO VP Whines That UMNOphilic Netizens Not Spewing Bile Fast Enough

Utusan Melayu Completes Metastasizing Into Pharisees – Now Preaching at Us Like Shameless Hypocrites

PM Najib: Don’t Fan Racial, Religious Sentiments (‘cos UMNO Has Dibs on That)

Seditious Ibrahim Ali Cannot Be Prosecuted (Because Many UMNO Leaders Are Similarly Guilty)

Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali Dares Malaysian Christians to Launch a ‘Crusade’, Threatens Jihad War

Utusan Melayu Dishonestly Rabble Rousing Tensions Against Christians

NUJ President Found Guilty of Breaking the Laws of Reality and Logic

Dr M Double Standard in Practically the Same Breath

UMNO: Ban Facebook for Not Being UMNO Lapdogs

MCA: Down with Racist Leaders and Religious Intolerance

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Partisan Banner at Bangunan Perak

Once Again, UMNO Says Don’t be Racist Like They’ve Been

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Hishammuddin’s Merdeka Message: UMNO and I Will Pay Dearly For Creating Racial Tension

Once Again UMNO Hypocrisy – Hishammuddin Don’t Like Boo’s Apartheid Remarks

UMNO Chief is Shocked That Political Leaders Could Call For Bloodshed

Malaysia Today: PM Najib Condemned UMNO, MCA and MIC

Utusan Malaysia Issues Unsubtle Death Threat Against Teresa Kok, Defended by Rocky Bru

Totally Outrageous!: Newspapers Reports, ISA Arrests and Blatant Double Standards

Ketuanan Cina

Tons of racist UMNO quotes

Megaton Punch! UMNO Supporters Punch Guangming Daily Press Photographer

Top Editor of Renowned Tensions-Rouser Utusan Malaysia Accuses Malaysiakini of Causing All Problems

Hypocrisy Meter from theblogprof.

And so much more UMNOpocrisy!!!

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