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Overwatch Moments

August 9, 16

In the vein of earlier posts Dota 2 Fun Recollections, Civilization 5 Best Stories, Share Your Skyrim Best Moments, Funny, Cool and Other Left 4 Dead 2 Stories, Plants vs Zombies Survival: Endless – Scott’s Setup, The Most Embarassing Ways to Die in Alien Swarm, and Gratuitous Space Battles Quick Tips.

By the way, I finally committed to getting Overwatch (and the new PC setup necessary to run it – heck, even to download it thru which forbids any system with less than 4gb memory from starting the download!) after a massive losing streak in Dota2. Wasting 10-20 minutes due to dumb team in Overwatch > wasting 40-60 minutes in Dota2.


Eastern Wombo Combo

As Mei, I landed a clutch Blizzard which froze 3 enemies… Followed by our D’Va dropping her ult on them for the kills!

When she got the Play of the Game, I mentioned it was possible thanks to me lol.


Nerf This! / Okay!

An enemy D’Va launched her mech right at us in an open street with Self Destruct activated.

Luckily, my Mei Ice Wall was ready to go, and I blocked the full launch and blast!


I Thought I Heard Something

I had just died on Ilios when I heard the cry of an ally falling into the death well.

Little did I know, for the Play of the Game, the enemy Lucio managed to jump out of a highground and rightclick push THREE of my allies into the well!


Lijiang Spammer

On Lijiang Tower one of the King of the Hill capture points is a room partitioned off by pits.

Junkrat (my preferred pick for any occasion) has a blast of a time in this map, camping on a one-way ledge and spamming grenades. When enemies skirmish with my allies and try to move around and dodge, inevitably they stumble into the path or blast radius of my saturation bombing!

More than once I can get killstreaks simply by continually firing at the same spot, over and over. In one game, only one single time a Winston tried to disrupt my cheese – he got Concussive Mined to death for his initiative.


Fool Me Once

In a Competitive Numbani round, as attackers I started spamming long range Junkrat grenades from behind the cover of the bus near the starting point. Suddenly I was killed in an instant by a Tracer, who was revealed in the kill replay to have been hiding up on the ledge to the right of the start door and leapt out to attack when we were busy.

The Competitive match came to Sudden Death, and we were attacking again. Once the start doors opened and we headed out to the capture point, this time I turned back and spammed some grenades up onto that ledge – just in case. Wouldn’t you know it, a short while later Tracer really did come jumping down and died to my Steel Trap + Concussive Mine!


Sorry for the Kill Steal, Zarya

On Hollywood as defending, I was perched on a ledge spamming Junkrat grenades (aaaaaaassss usual) perpendicular to several enemies who were trying to come out of the tunnel, when suddenly they got bunched up by our Zarya’s ultimate.

RIPtire time, I think I got 3 – plus one who died to my grenades just before I let ‘er rip!


He Who Hesitates… Kills

Junkrat defending the second point on Hanamura, the enemy was contesting the capture so I let my Tire rip! Just then, the enemy D’Va activated her ult right on the capture point!

I quickly turned the tire to jam it against the wall and keep it from moving. The D’Va explosion went off, my tire was spared, and I quickly sent it to continue its mission and blew up 2 enemies and D’Va’s freshly resummoned mech!


I’ve Got You In My Sights – No 1 Hero Limit

As Defense on Volskaya Industries, I picked Tobjorn and saw that another player on my team did to. We ended up losing the first capture point, so I started preparing at the final point.

After a bit, I noticed that I was hearing “I’ve got you in my sights” quite a lot. Pressing tab, I was amazed to see SIX enemy Soldier76s and FOUR allied Tobjorns (myself included)!

Soon the capture point was littered with Scrap, which was collected and converted to Armour… Which none of us could use cos we were all armoured up, leaving 10+ pieces just laying around the floor. Sodier76’s “I’ve got you in my sights!” was called out every minute.

We won in the end, but not before some of the enemy finally swapped to other heroes like a Pharah who seemed to be the only attempt at flanking instead of going down the middle to die!

I’ve got you in my sights!


20 Seconds GRAND TOTAL to Win

I joined a Quick match Route 66 as Attacker, and when the deep horn blared, I realized it was 20 seconds left on the clock!!!

So I hobbled toward the payload which was almost to the final point, blowing up an enemy on the way. I grenaded and concussive mined another two as it went into Overtime, and shortly after we won!


Ryujin No Ken Whoopsie There

Defending the last point on Temple of Anubis, the enemy Genji sort-of snuck up on us and RYUJIN NO KEN WO KURAE!!!… And immediately stepped onto my Steel Trap, making him totally useless until we blasted him to death.


What A Difference 1 Second Makes

Watching the Play of the Game…

D’Va activated her Self Destruct in the midst of a bunch of enemies… And then the enemy Mercy activated her own Resurrection, bringing her whole team to life in time to be nuked.

Poor Mercy, just a short delay (if she managed to avoid the mech blast) and SHE would have had Play of the Game.

Another time, our Mercy used Res just after we ran out of overtime and lost the match. Heard her call it out during the game-ending slow mo lol.

Yet another time, during our Genji’s PotG replay, he used Dragonblade and chopped up 3 enemies. The enemy Mercy then used Res, and Genji still in Dragonblade mode proceeded to chop 2 of them down again!


Junkrats Hate Pharahs

Playing a Junkrat and dueling an enemy Pharah almost never works out – especially in the open. Forced to do so once in the clear spaces of the rooftops near the first tunnel on Gibraltar offense, the enemy Pharah finally killed me. Then she lands, walks over the Steep Trap I laid during the chaos, and dies. LoL! I did hope she might land on it, and she unexpectedly did – though not directly onto it from the air.

I did manage to grenade a midair Pharah once though, on Volskaya defense from highground as she was stationary in the air using her ult. Direct hit, pow!

Defending hard so that the attackers couldn’t even get the payload moving at all on Route66, I was just launching my RIPtire when I noticed a rocket land by me. As the Tire rolled up the cliff, I caught a glimpse of Pharah floating behind the vertically-climbing tires… So I reached the top, hopped up and blew it, killing her.

Awhile later, the attackers had pushed the payload to the front of the first building. From the rooftop, I was lobbing bombs and Pharah landed from the sky onto the payload, eating an explosing and dying.

And on Hanamura, our Pharah managed to get a Quintuple kill twice, both times on the second point – once on attack when our Zarya dropped a Graviton Surge and I contributed some bombs, then once on defense. Which would get PotG??? …Turns out neither, our attack on the first point where Mercy Res’ed and my newly alive into RIPtire killed one enemy thru their Lucio’s ult got the replay. Doh!


The Only Time Jank Ever Changed

On Volskaya defense, somehow we let the attackers capture both points with 4 minutes to spare! When it was our turn to attack, we did manage to even the score- but with just 1 minute left. It was a disaster, the match a gone case.

Continuation round, as usual I went with Junkrat. An ally told me “Jank please healer” and with nothing to lose, I picked Zenyatta – whom I basically never play.

We rushed the points, and somehow I managed to survive by keeping allies between myself and the enemy, just shooting blindly from behind their vision blocking bodies and pressing Shift or E whenever the prompt popped up.

We took both points in the time limit, and when we switched to defense I went back to my usual Junk bomb spam while allies camped the choke. The enemy couldn’t even get more than 1 guy at a time to the capture point for the whole 4 minutes.

Comeback is real!

…And that is how I used my one free change of Blizzard Name to rename myself JankPlsChnge as seen below:



And I didn’t change, and we won.


…Except that one time that ironically led to the name.


Never Bring a Gun to a Tire Fight

Having solo sparred with McCree a few times, on Dorado offense after another skirmish I followed but then lost him in the corridors. So I let it be and headed to the main fight with a ready ult, dropping my usual 2 trap combo on the floor.

Going on around a corner and seeing some action in the main square, I Q’ed… Just as I saw the Enemy Trapped notification. Unable to trigger my Concussion while in RIPTire mode, I made the decision to wheel it back around and down the corridor I had just left… Where McCree was still stuck. BOOM! Worth it lol!


Heads Up… Heads Gone!

Doing my usual Jank spam-the-capture-point on Ilios Ruins, which was going decently. However all my allies quit the point, as the enemy started capturing it at blazing speed!

So I made the call to hop down from my camping spot in the room next to the narrow bridge, but just a moment to slow to prevent the point being lost to the enemy.

Not to worry, because as I suddenly appeared and tossed a Concussion Mine at the bunched up enemy and blew it up midair above their heads, I got an unexpected THREE kills plus the enemy Junk’s Steel Trap!

It wasn’t over yet, as I had to spar with the Zarya who wasn’t in the blast radius or else hadn’t been killed. Jumping like a mad monkey shooting at her feet, a stray bomb hit another survivor and got the fourth kill!

Needless to say I already guessed I’d get play of the game, and sure enough.


Regarding Symmetra’s Dual Select Ultimates:




Way back in 26 Oct 2016.


Better Than a Banana Peel

Enemy Winston had been a nuisance on Lijiang Tower – Market’s capture point, constantly jumping on us with his zap or knocking us about (and me off the edge) with his ultimate, while his allies were usually much faster to dispatch. But we still had the advantage and held the point most of the round.

Finally with 99% captured, the enemy tried one last ditch attempt to take the point over. Winston was the last to come in, activating his Rage… And stepping right on my Steel Trap in the middle of the room. Our Pharah reacted with a standing Rocket Barrage right at him for several seconds for the kill and the win!

Relevant comic by Nerf Now!:



Steel Trap Killsteals

Camping as usual on King’s Row with Junkrat, suddenly an enemy Reaper flew past me and slammed into the wall in front due to my allied Reinhardt’s Charge… And passed over my Steel Trap which triggered and killed Reaper before the wall slam damage did. Made me laugh.

Another time on Dorado, we defended the payload, stalling the movement so it only got as far as the first building around the corner after a long time. Jumping (for some extra throw distance) and dropping a steel trap blindly over the edge, it landed on the payload edges. A similarly tossed concussion was detonated and flung a Genji (I think) directly into the trap, no time to even fly above the payload (maybe protected by a Zarya shield which is why he didn’t instantly die). Then a Doomfist made it up to the roof where I was, so I tossed an emergency concussion and detonated it to fly away – dropping a steel trap as I flew backwards. As I came down, I saw Doomfist charging his rocket punch and aim at me – and hit the steel trap, dying! Finally, down on the ground from the above skirmish, I walked to the payload still near the same corner, lobbed some grenades, got my ult charged and let my RIPtire go – just in time to see four enemies running to the right, not looking at my direction. Triple kill and overtime flowed to zero, I won the match with that kill!

On Dorado defense, I dropped a Steel Trap on top of the payload’s flatbed area (somehow this manages to catch people quite often), and later the enemy Reinhardt who was skirmishing around it ‘stepped’ onto it and died. Might have something to do with the road incline causing the flatbed to clip into the ground somewhat, making the Trap about ground level momentarily. We won that map, and the next game for me was Volskaya Industries on offense. One of my teammates said he was so triggered by me last game, I asked who he was – it was the enemy Reinhardt! He continued that he kept trying to kill me. Well in that Dorado map, his Rein was often the only one pushing and doing much while the rest of his team were in shambles.


Nett Gain: -70 Coins

So I decided to pay 75 credits to unlock Junkrat’s “Merry Christmas!” voice line before the Winter season ended. And then the very next Loot crate I opened had that very voice line, giving me a paltry refund of 5 credits -_-


First Person Puncher

A Genji snuck thru a side route and confronted my Tobjorn. At low HP, he stood in place and did his deflection hoping I’d shoot and kill myself. I walked up to him and punched him dead in one hit lol.

On Gibraltar Attack, I was prowling the catwalks just after the first point when enemy Pharah channeled her ultimate. Her head was just at my height, so I punched her dead out of her ult!

And again as Tob, enemy Reinhardt put up his shield. So I punched him through it, twice, to kill him.


Ult Kills Ult

Stiking from the little room in Nepal Sanctum, my Junkrat activated RIPTire… And it died moments later. I thought it had simply been blasted down as soon as it exited the door, but then I died and saw the killcam replay – enemy Tracer had put her Pulse Bomb on my Tire accidentally, and the tiny explosion radius only killed it! She had to shoot me manually as I scooted around after the Tire expired.


Main Junkrat

Playing Junkrat on Competitive as usual, we barely survived a Kings Row defence… Not a good show by me, but our Lucio saved us all with his ult when enemy Zarya and Hanzo combined theirs on the payload we were blocking.

The next round, one of my team noticed that I ‘main junkrat’ with only 4 hours only playing competitive, which his buddies found amusing too.

Attacking all the way to metres before the final point, I hid in the corner of the room and bounced bombs out to the payload. Everyone else who came along with me died.

The enemy Reaper noticed me and came for me, but got exploded. I then ulted, with the Tire killing both the enemy Rein and Road, then I got on the payload and moments later, pushed it the last step to victory alone.


Lucio Botches the Landing

Enemy Reaper had shadow stepped up onto the roof outside the Volskaya Industries starting spawn, which I noticed as Junkrat on offense. I died shortly after, so when I respawned I Concussioned up there and knocked him off with grenades.

My ultimate charged, I sent my RIP-Tire up the wall and thru the small hole to the right of the choke point. Coming down, it saw the enemy scattering backwards – Zarya spotted the tire as she backpedaled round the corner of the hut by the control point with the healthpack inside.

So I climbed the wall instead, going onto the roof before jumping the Tire down – and there was Lucio, “Break it DOWN!!!” in mid-air, sound-thingy raised to slam down on the ground and give everyone shields – and my Tire exploded right before it happened. Triple Kill, and we easily took the point after that.

But yes, as Lucio, I got killed a few times while trying to ult.

PATCH NOTES: Reduced Lucio’s airtime when using his ultimate, YOU WISH!!!


Portal to Heck

Shortly after respawning on Lijiang Tower – Garden and heading back out, I heard Symmetra’s line for “Teleporter online.” So I turned back to use it… And died immediately as the enemy Pharah was channeling her ult directly at the teleporter. Mercy who also used the teleport at around the same time splattered and the porter exploded too.


Jank Wastes Your Ults

Defense on Eichenwald, I went up the stairs and set up my usual trap+concuss to watch my back while I dropped bombs from that unexpected angle. The bombchucking must have been triggering enough to enemy Reinhardt that he walked up behind me, stepping in my trap. I spun round to see him, my bombs hitting his shield as I backed off – and he used HAMMER DOWN as I dropped off the stairs, unscathed.

Later Defense on Temple of Anubis, I was defending the second point from an invasion and did my usual chuck a concuss and trigger it to get some instant AoE. Coincidentally, enemy Reaper activated his Death Blossom and killed one me – before flying up into the air like a helicopter, hitting no one else lol!


Quintuple Kill Junk

As Junk, my team on attack Route 66 fought chaotic skirmishes all the way to the last point. Revving up my RIPtire and sneaking it round the back flank, the enemy Mercy used Res. Almost immediately after, I rammed the Tire into a pillar and exploded it blind. Surprisingly, I got my first quintuple kill! Thanks Mercy.

As Junk defending on Temple of Anubis, I concussed myself up to the high ledge overlooking the first capture point. From there I did my usual choke-spam (normally I do it from ground level). The enemy responded by taking the left route and contesting my allies who were on the lower ledge. As they focused on our Orisa and her barrier, with our Mercy hiding around the corner and healing Orisa, I just spammed bombs at them which – along with a Concussion – got a Quadruple and finished off a fifth (credit going to Orisa+Mercy).

Later when they made it to the first point, I just turned and continued to shoot bombs down. I didn’t even have to strafe or dodge, I had 99% no attention turned my way the whole match!

And when we switch sides, on attack when I managed to get to the highground thru the stairways, again I had unchallenged spamtime. Unbelieveable actually.


Nemesis (Dum da da daah!)

As Lucio on the moon, I was strafing and managed to keep alive for a long time on attack… Until Doomfist 1 shotted me (technically, 1 shot and 1 slam into a wall).

And this repeated twice!

The same match, on attack after almost the whole time on Lucio, I switched to Junk just as we won. So I said if I use Junk we win. Later I started defend as Junk, then switched to Lucio. After we successfully defended the first point, I said that I told them if I don’t use Junk we win. Someone noted that I was funny lol.


Straight Down the Middle

Playing Year of the Dog capture the flag on Ayutthaya.

Using Rein, after some trading of fire down the middle path, I looped around the side stairs and found that the enemy flag was guarded by Tob alone with his turret.

Shield up to block the turret fire from a long distance, I lined up a Flame Strike and Charge… Hitting both the turret and Tob who was behind it ready to repair, my Flame + Charge blew up the turret and I pinned Tob to a wall, squishing him.

That left me unmolested to walk to the flag and carry it all the way to our capture point!

In the same match, again I found myself in the same faceoff against Tob… And basically did the same thing again! This time my team had already stolen the flag, so I had nothing to do but stand around while they deposited the flag and it respawned. I only managed to grab it and walk a bit of a way before getting ganked.


Fly Me to the Earth

First time on Blizzard World, enemy D’va decided to use the usual launch+ult tactic… But sending the mech along the floor, it got caught in my Trap and exploded harmlessly in a doorway lol!

Another game, assaulting the last capture point on Hanamura, I charged as Rein just as enemy D’va ulted! I crashed into the mech and pinned it to the wall, immediately backing off with shield up. The angle meant that my whole team survived the blast as I blocked it.

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