About ‘Leading Malaysian Neocon’ and This Blog

See this post for updated list of my views.

The tagline on my blog header is from the title bestowed upon me by KTemoc – see this screen capture.

It is an apt description, as this blog is mostly focused on Malaysian and American politics from a pro-Conservative viewpoint.

This blog also covers:

Christianity and its beliefs, evidence and defense

Liberalism and atheism and their flaws

Anthropogenic (human caused) global warming and its lack of evidence

General cool and fun stuff like combat, webcomics and videos


I am a Malaysian of Chinese ancestry, living and working in Malaysia.

I am a scientist by training and a skeptic by mentality.

Beliefs and politics of me:

Christian (Protestant, Evangelical, Trinitarian, Baptist, Fundamentalist, Born Again, Inter-Denominational). My faith is based on reason, logic and factual proof, including plenty of historical and archaeological evidence.


Anti abortion (all forms)

Anti homosexuality (civil union okay, but not Christian marriage and not active propagation of ‘alternative’ lifestyle)

Anti free flow of guns, but pro right to bear arms, concealed carry by citizens, and responsible gun ownership

Pro Democracy, but do not believe every person/nation should get one vote each

Anti welfare state, but pro moderate welfare

Pro self-reliance and responsibility

Pro child discipline

Pro capital punishment

Anti rampant Socialism

Anti Communism

Pro Capitalism

Pro free market and globalization

Anti trade protectionism

Anti discrimination (including ‘positive discrimination’) but also anti race hustling

Pro meritocracy

Global warming skeptic

Darwinistic macro-evolution moderate skeptic

General enviromental cause skeptic (e.g. DDT ban, ozone layer hole caused by CFCs, biofuel boondoggle)

Obama basher

Al Gore basher

Liberal Democrat basher

Anti religious extremism

Anti jihad and dhimmitude

139 Responses to “About ‘Leading Malaysian Neocon’ and This Blog”

  1. michelle Says:

    Hi Scott,
    found your website via Classical Values. it was a nice surprise to note that I was not the only Malaysian visit there often 🙂 Where do you come from? Me from Kedah…

  2. cherwith Says:

    Hey Scott,
    Cheryl w here….wonder if you remember me…lolz..anyways just dropping by saw your link in the word battle bet u n yuki and traced it back here. pRETTY iNTERESTING.. just dropping by…tc

  3. La Rae Says:

    Is your is you not my baby. Tom and Jerry, your blog is awesome. Thanks for posting.

  4. Patricia Witherspoon Says:

    I needed a good laugh today, and I thank you for it.

    Funny that you should say it, though. I have always thought that the reason there were more Democrats in favor of withdrawing from Iraq was BECAUSE they were Christian, and that the reason so many Republicans were for it was because they had forgotten they were supposed to be Christians.

    Just goes to show how differently two people can see something, doesn’t it?

    Again, thanks for the ROTFLMAO. It was appreciated.

  5. Just a guy Says:

    looks like a lot of racist psychobabble to me.

  6. anak perelih Says:

    eventhough you are a pro Israel/zionism .. but it’s unfortunate that you’re a goyyim… hahahahahah

  7. Scott Thong Says:

    You right, me Grimscot am goy! Me hope me one day be ‘Righteous Among Nations.’


  8. Tim Says:

    Scott, I’m pleased to read that someone devoted to the theory of evolution has found some of the major holes which permeate it, and therefore due evidence to call it what it is – a theory and nothing more. However, I just thought I would pick up on one sentence in your ‘about Scott’ section; you write: ‘It is no more than an unproven theory to me, though I remain open to accepting it when it is proved.’ If you are a bible believing Christian you must always refute the theory of evolution, principally because God has spoken, and he has told us how the universe was made and everything in it. God must have the last word always and because he is true and cannot change his mind, what he has said must be unquestionable truth. Evolution will never be proved, because it simply never took place, it never existed. Atheism must have an answer for the question: ‘where did we come from?’. In the absence of a creator God, it’s an extremely difficult one to deal with. Such a question needs an answer with weight and certainty and so Evolution has become the God of Atheism and Darwin it’s chief high priest and prophet. If we are bible believing Christians, upon this matter we can be utterly dogmatic. Scripture says, ‘Let God be true and every man a liar’.

  9. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks Tim, your comment got to me to finally finish up my post on evolution and sin. Tell me what you think of my theory:


  10. simonthong Says:

    My son. what an enjoyable read! Keep up the thinking and writing..Dad.

  11. lamb Says:


    U have good articles.

    God bless.

  12. Laz Says:

    Enjoyed perusing through your blog

  13. incogman Says:

    You come by my blog and leave some comment trashing my article without the least bit of guts in naming one specific thing that you disagree with. And then I come here and see that you have comments turned off on YOUR articles.

    Burning hot? Yeah, right. My blog is infinitely more caustic than you’ll ever be — since you know JACK. Chances are, you’ll be too chicken to even leave this comment up.*


    If you’ll notice, I am quite the prolific blogger. Reading and writing are so natural to me… It is my lifeblood, my main focused-until-level-20 skill! I just love Words so very much.

    Oh god. I think I just threw up.

    *And you better not delete it because then I let everybody know!

  14. Scott Thong Says:

    What did I do, cuss at you? Flame your points? Belittle your opinions? Wa i even deragatory?

    All I said was that I agree with some things (e.g. Nelson Mandela being a racist), am unsure of others (e.g. whether cell phones could work on the planes), and am not convinced of the remainder (Jews rule the world through proxy, natch).

    To quote that comment in full:

    I have to agree with you on some of the things on your list, scratch my head at others, and roll my eyes at the rest…

    Overreactionary is the word! Dude! I’d seriously be concerned for when a REAL troll comes along and badmouths your blog!

    Cross commented on his blog at http://incogman.wordpress.com/2008/01/28/reading-this-will-turn-you-into-me/#comment-633

  15. Scott Thong Says:

    You come by my blog and leave some comment trashing my article without the least bit of guts in naming one specific thing that you disagree with. And then I come here and see that you have comments turned off on YOUR articles.

    Oh, so you do have comments. Just that no one is leaving anything!


    Look at all the comments on the right side!!!

    Look at your own comment!!!

    Comments turned off????!!!! No one comments???!!!


    Which is considered sue-able: Rolling one’s eyes (even Spongebob does it on kids’ tv), or bellitling someone’s intelligence, calling him a coward and vomiting at him (as my blog received)?

  16. hutchrun Says:

    Haha went to his sick site. Ain`t interested in sickos.

  17. incogman Says:

    hutchrun Says:

    Haha went to his sick site. Ain`t interested in sickos.

    Why not? Thought all you Sickos got off on reading sick stuff. You should go to my section on Homos and Sickos for your reading pleasure.

    Comments turned off????!!!! No one comments???!!!

    OK, I missed them. There wasn’t any comments made (probably just too boring) and it was easy to miss. So sue me.

    My replies to the “Wordsmith” Mr. Thong are at my blog — a real hot read for normal folks and even “sickos” of all stripes!


  18. Scott Thong Says:

    hutchrun, don’t think too lightly of incogman. He has many traits of great leaders and famous people.

    He is Mahathir (“Jews rule the world!!!”).

    He is Rosie O’Donnell (“Bush planned 9/11!!!”).

    He is Hillary Clinton (“A vast Right-Wing conspiracy!!!”)

    He is obviously set in his ways as solidly as any run-of-the-mill Troofer, as solid as steel (“Fire cant melt steel!!! It was thermite charges that brought down the towers!!!”).

  19. hutchrun Says:

    Oh I don`t think lightly of worms, they aerate the soil. Look at the stupid comment:
    “Thought all you Sickos got off on reading sick stuff.”

    I clicked his nick to see what it wuz all about, n wuz out in about 10 seconds after seeing the rubbish. Haha chappie needs a doc real bad. But then again, I see no hope for the nut.

  20. hutchrun Says:

    Hoho he`s a perfect example of `The Stupid White Man`. Look at the mess they get into. Even the arab sand worms are smarter than them.

  21. hutchrun Says:

    “OK, I missed them. There wasn’t any comments made (probably just too boring) and it was easy to miss. So sue me.”

    Now that`s what I call an IDIOT from the Kingdom Of ID. More on that:

    “The name for the strip is a play on The Wizard of Oz combined with the Freudian psychological term Id, which represents the instinctive and primal part of the human psyche. From time to time the king refers to his subjects as “Idiots”.

  22. incogman Says:

    Oh, please save me from the brilliance of those people who believe everything that the government, Zionists or FAUX News has to tell them is true in the world.

    It always amazes me about the arrogance of these propagandized brain-dead. Hell, you even brag about ignoring any contrary positions in this world:

    I clicked his nick to see what it wuz all about, n wuz out in about 10 seconds after seeing the rubbish. Haha chappie needs a doc real bad. But then again, I see no hope for the nut.

    As such, Mr. Hutchrun, I’d say you were the one who was a stumble-down village IDIOT, since you cannot even deign to entertain any other viewpoints but your own arrogant one.

    In fact, I’d like to see something that you’ve ever done or said. Have a blog anywhere? I always like a good laugh. It facinates me how the government BS percolates through the brain cells of folks like you and comes out looking no worse for wear!


  23. hutchrun Says:

    `It always amazes me about the arrogance of these propagandized brain-dead.`
    `It facinates me…` – good. It takes so little to do that. Must be lack of the grey poo in your skull

    `In fact, I’d like to see something that you’ve ever done or said` – whatever for. You live in your own stupid, arrogant world which is the Land Of ID.

    `you cannot even deign to entertain any other viewpoints` – hoho haha you are right there bro. Just can`t stand idiots.

  24. hutchrun Says:

    Da man`s in a cog hahaha not a cog in a wheel performing no functions. Silly lefturd.

  25. Scott Thong Says:

    Oh, please save me from the brilliance of those people who believe everything that the government, Zionists or FAUX News has to tell them is true in the world.

    I could similarly say:

    Oh, please save me from the political correctness of those people who believe everything that the anarchists/conspiracy theorists, Muslim apologists or MSM has to tell them is true in the world.

    Btw, on Fox/Faux News versus the liberal media competitors:

    Non-Partisan Study Finds That FOX is the Most Balanced U.S. Media

    Mainstream Media Dishonesty – 101 Liberal Media Lies, Deceptions and Set-ups

    US News Agencies Biased Against Israel – tons of linkage proof

    BOOOSH is a genius conspiracy planner, how can we ever hope to oppose him?

    Btw incog, you can just put your blog link in the URL box near the box for your name.

    But hutch, take care not to stoop to the level of liberal talk show hosts (or Shrillary ‘F*CK YOU YOU F*CKING MORON SECRET SERVICE AGENT’ Clinton) when you retort.

  26. hutchrun Says:

    Haha hammies for tinfoils:

    The Egyptian authorities are freaking out over the idea that Palestinian Hamas Fighters might have infiltrated Cairo, and they have a good reason to be worried, with the arrest of 20 Palestinians carrying explosives …

    Now that`s a real good one. Cairo, Alexandria, Jeddah…. wow I gotta wish list.

  27. incogman Says:

    Please don’t tell me you are some FAUX news groupie? Or any of this rest of the Corporate media. It’s all BS– just different flavors. A discerning intellect can see all that.

    Hell, you and “China-Hutch,” haha, don’t even have the guts to read anything I have to write on my site since it’s so obvious that your brain-dead comments can so readily be demolished. There or here.

    I’m still waiting on China-Hutch to give me a link to something, anything that he’s ever written that I can leave a comment about. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll hold my breath waiting by the looks of his lame rejoinders to me!

  28. incogman Says:

    Oh yeah, by the way, your blog is really burning hot! Mine is so hot, that WordPress has classified me as “Mature” in the attempt to keep the Jew big-mouths mollified. How many subgroups or races hate your guts? Besides the women, of course.
    So, looks like old INCOG MAN’s webblog is hotter than “Buuuuurning Hot.” Plus, my graphics are a lot more interesting.

  29. Scott Thong Says:

    So, looks like old INCOG MAN’s webblog is hotter than “Buuuuurning Hot.” Plus, my graphics are a lot more interesting.

    What’s with the ‘My blog can beat up your blog’ attitude? Or is it a ‘My blog is bigger, longer and thicker than yours and the women like it better’ compensating sort of thing?

    If I had named by blog ‘Fattest Zionist in Da Woild’, would you be claiming that your blog featured more overweight Jews, with pictures?

    Maybe I don’t cuss and swear on my blog, I don’t get it a Mature rating…

    But you’re right, I only have 200,000 hits so far and 1266 hits a day, my blog is positively FROOOOOZZZZEN COLD.

    And I repeat my info that you can include your blog link with your name.

  30. hutchrun Says:

    Somehow, I don’t think I’ll hold my breath- being a zombie you shouldn`t. Lokk at your pic, that`s a zombie for sure. So whether you breathe or not is of very low interest.

    Anyway just `cos you got a blog where you fill nonsense don`t mean nothing to me. I mean after all, I go to the toilet every morning and once a day is sufficient.

    `How many subgroups or races hate your guts?` – and that`s your `fame` huh. Justifies my opinion. Not a cog but a nut. Just can`t hate you, I laugh at you.

    N look at that `China-Hutch` thingy. Man you sure are a loony bird. Ooops, loony zoombie. hahahaha.

  31. hutchrun Says:

    Say, talking of Shrillary, here is – Video: Fossil from the Paleozoic makes the rounds

  32. Scott Thong Says:

    Shrillary = Tracy Flick from the film Election!


  33. Jamie Says:

    Man, the immaturity in his posts! How pitiful incogman is.

  34. incogman Says:

    Jamie Says (sounds like an Osmond song):

    Man, the immaturity in his posts! How pitiful incogman is.

    Such a witty and insightful description! Did you pen this yourself, Jamie? Let’s see your words of wisdom on anything in my blog — that is, if you can rustle up enough brain cells to read.

    By the way Scott: Like the Zionist type in your flamethrower shot. ‘Course you might think that.

  35. Oiao Says:

    Just checking onto the net.

    You lead an interesting life in an interesting location.

    Enjoy your points of view and banter on other sites.

    Watch your 6, always.

  36. Vince Yeoh Says:

    Hi Scott, i love this blog and will be visiting regularly henceforth. Cheers!

  37. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks! Be sure to catch the Motivational Posters on the top right corner!

  38. Simon Thong Says:

    401,265 hits! That’s HUGE…..thanks to all your hard work, extensive research and smart thinking. Your blog is refreshing, stimulating, and challenging. You’re handling everything thrown at you adeptly, including the remarks of spammers, trolls and greeneyed monsters. I mustn’t leave out the retards lacking in courtesy, though.

  39. Simon Thong Says:

    425,730 hits. That is an increase of 24,465 hits in 10 days. Averaged almost 2,500 per 24 hours. There is always something new, buuuuurrrrning hot, scott, on your blog.

  40. danielYKL Says:

    Hi Scott,

    Daniel Yong here from Penang. EPCC? Ring a bell? Came across your blog thru’ Susan Loone. Great site!

  41. Scott Thong Says:

    Wah, Uncle Daniel reads Susan Loone? Never expected!

    Good to hear from you Uncle! How are you doing these days? I’m still in Johor Bahru ever since leaving Penang.

  42. danielYKL Says:

    Hi Scott,

    I’m doing ok by God’s grace. Left with EPCC. Read my blog and you will have a better understanding of what has been happening to me lah! Glad to catch up with in cyberspace – haha!!!

  43. danielYKL Says:

    correction: Left EPCC

  44. su Says:

    From one One Piece fan to another,

    Your blog’s cool (or hot? 🙂 ). Especially like your “motivational posters”. Had a good laugh.

    Care to drop by to my place sometime? 😉


  45. Simon Thong Says:

    There’s never a dull spot on Scott’s blog! I find time flashing past when logged on……

  46. Scott Thong Says:

    su, just leave your blog address and I’ll stop over!

  47. su Says:

    Oh, I always thought it’d link automatically..

    Anyway, I’m here at

    See you around!

  48. sing lau Says:

    Hey Scott, saw the link to your blog at Dr Hsu’s.
    Mighty glad I visited here.

    It is refreshing to read some of your sane and sober writing.
    That’s the way to go in this hostile age that is bent against reason and truth.
    At a glance I could heartily concur with your “beliefs and politics.”

    MAY YOUR TRIBE INCREASE IN THIS PERILOUS TIME is my prayer unto Him on His throne in heaven.

    I do believe that Al-Gorism is a total sham and scam. However I also believe in a REAL global warming. See http://www.letgodbetrue.com/todaysworld/global-warming.pdf

    Teachers of falsehood are here with and among us, and they have many followers.
    “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.”

    Therefore MANY are not even able to recognize teachers of falsehood in the churches.

    “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

    Many will not endure sound doctrine. They turn their ears away from THE TRUTH. They shall be turned unto FABLES, yes, unto fictions. Very many in churches, instead of enduring sound doctrine and embracing the truth, they heap upon themselves teachers of falsehood (these are very sincere pastors-teachers, and they don’t have horns nor do they carry pitch-forks!). These teachers of falsehood turn their followers unto FABLES… fictions.

    Sungai Dua, Penang.


  49. Scott Thong Says:

    Lol agreed! The global burning is on its way, only endless springs of water may save us!

  50. Simon Thong Says:

    Waiting, like others, for your review of Prince Caspian……

  51. Andy Says:

    Hey Scott, great blog. I have an actual photo of the power plant that is featured on the front of “inconvenient truth” If you would like to work it into your blog on Al Gore somehow feel free to copy it to your site. the plant is in Utah and from what I have seen is actually pretty clean.

  52. Andy Says:

    Sorry, forgot to post my page.


    View photos, bottom right hand side of the page.

  53. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks Andy, I’ll do up another Gore-expose… Only I can’t find the pics. I’m totally lost on your page!

    You could email it to me, scottthongblog[at]yahoo[dot]com], or link it directly.

    The trick that Gore and others use is to photograph plumes of steam as they reflect the sunlight, esspecially at sunset with all the ‘hellish’ red and yellow light.

    It’s not smoke at all! It’s water vapour!

    Water vapour is visible, whereas CO2 is invisible, duh!

    Those Dirty Nasty Steam Plumes

    Ironically, water vapour (i.e. clouds) contribute more to global temperatures that the measly 0.0385% of the atmosphere that is CO2.

  54. incogman Says:

    INCOG MAN stopping in to say hi. Hi.

    You remember me? Your favorite evil, Nazi, Xenophobic, Homophobic, Nativist, KKK kind of whitey man.

    Oh, by the way, I have a new blog posting on that Homo Marriage thing in Commiefornia you might want to check out. Hell, we might agree on something after all! Or not…

  55. Scott Thong Says:

    Hi incog!!! This Zionist, Imperialist, Bushcrony, anti-Obama racist hardcore Neocon welcomes you back!

    Will check out your postage, everyone else is welcome to at http://incogman.wordpress.com/2008/05/16/sickos-celebrate-homo-marriage-in-commiefornia/

  56. kesava Says:

    And now for a laugh:

    Woman, 52, sues Victoria’s Secret, claims injury from defective thong

  57. James' whatheblog Says:

    URGENT WARNING TO ALL CONCERNED – FISH HEAD CURRY can seriously damage brain cells
    This is a urgent warning to all Malaysians. The Ministry of Insanity, Malaysia, have just issued a major health warning to all Malaysians to avoid eating fish head curry.
    Recent results of a survey conducted and confirmed by the Ministry’s team, have concluded that this dish, contains a deadly pathological toxin known as najibaltanthuC4.

    This toxin is known to cause loss of memory and in some cases total loss (diappearance) of the person concerned. It is presumed that it is not contagious, but a recent incident of an ex-cop consuming this dish, caused not only severe loss of memory to the victim and his total disappearance, but the diappearance of his whole family as well!

    It is still not sure whether this toxin is biological in origin, which might explain why it can spread to his family. Thus far all control experiments, have only revealed that it is a physical toxin and not a virus.

    Many theories are being studied by the Ministry. One fear that keeps surfacing is that the chemical composition of this toxin is bonded very strongly to a very volatile compound known as C4. C4 sometimes can cause a person to vanish, though sometimes, not completely.

    The Ministry is seeking urgent international assistance and The Mythbuster team from the Discovery Channel have been engaged. Meanwhile the Royal Malaysian Police have appealed to Interpol.

    This Ministry has already sent out a circular to all fish-head curry vendors throughout the nation, to place a government warning at their restaurants.


    Therefore, if you really have to eat this dish, only eat at these certified official restaurants. Restaurants that do not display this warning to the letter, have obtained celup punya licence, by paying under the counter, you know la how it works in Malaysia.

    Further, the spokesman for the Ministry’s grandma advised him to include a further warning to the citizens of Malaysia( Grandma? ya la,… she is quite old but sometimes her advice may have some meaning) , just like older folk say don’t eat durian and have alcohol afterwards, She asserts DO NOT EAT FISH-HEAD CURRY WITH A POLICEMAN.

  58. Simon Thong Says:

    That’s a good one, James’whatheblog. I love fishhead curry and shall eat it only with my wife and youngest son. No policeman allowed. LOL.

  59. James' whatheblog Says:


    Hey this legal firm Zul Rafique & Partners seem to somehow implicated as Bala’s second SD was attested before a Commisioner of Oaths of that firm. What is the connection between zul Rafique and or his partners with this unknown lawyer Arulampalam. DOES ANYBODY SEE ANY CONNECTION? If so then the puzzle is solved.

    HEY IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE…………………….who knows?

  60. Kristy Says:

    Hey Scott, I followed the link to your blog in the comments section of moonbattery. If I wrote a list of some of my core spiritual and political beliefs, it would probably mirror yours, haha. Good to see that there are good Christian people out there with their heads on straight!

  61. jame' whatheblog Says:


    The cheapest disposable rocket in Malayisia is Najis’s gonards….Yes the deputy prime minister’s prick. Strap on some C4 solid fuel to his balls, and lo you have ignition….











    Blast off…………

    oops solid fuel C4 failed to ignite, cos all the attention of the whole of malaysia watching this live on TV made najis excited…..yes he creamed..he entered a state nirvanic bliss and shot his load. Only thing his load plopped all over his balls and the C4, and this unignited the ignition.

    tu le Malaysia punya rocket – blast off at the wrong end…..

    what to do with najis at normal times he thinks with second head (yes with the dickhead….where no mongolian lass is safe, and when we want to launch our first malaysian rocket at Kudat after spending billions to built a launchpad, his little dicky bird fires and drenches the ignition………what say you ah….shall we cut it off? smilies/grin.gif

  62. thesadarab Says:

    Hi Scott,

    You said that “My faith is based on reason, logic and factual proof, including plenty ” and you are scientist at the same time. That does not make any sense, it is beyond logic. You can’t have it both ways.

    You said you are “Anti religious extremism” and yet support the Neoconservative Evangelical Christian movement that led to the invasion of Iraq, that led to the killing of hundred of thousands of innocent civilians that include woman and children. Make your mind up. What do you support?

    You are an Obama basher and Bush lover! That makes sense.

  63. Scott Thong Says:

    It’s simple really.

    If you know the Christian definition of faith, it is not simply believing something without any evidence. I’ll give you an analogy:

    When a scam artist comes along and asks you to give him $5000, and he’ll change it into $25000… And you believe him… That is blind faith.

    But if you mother, who has nurtured you for 20 years, and has never lied to you, tells you to trust her… Wouldn’t you trust her? That is Christian style faith.

    The reason I choose to believe Christianity, over any religion or faithlessness, is because I am convinced by the evidence I have examined – historical, textual, experential. I can elaborate if you want.

    Granted, it is not proven that God exists or that the claims of Christianity are undebateably true… But that’s where the trust, the faith like in the mother example, comes in.

    As for the neocons… You really need to stop spouting liberal/Muslim propaganda and start looking at the statistical facts.

    1. Death toll lower than under Saddam – Under Saddam, 50000 Iraqis died per year. During the worst parts of the American invasion, only 6825 deaths per year. Therefore, even the hard numbers show that if the ‘Neoconservative Evangelical Christian movement’ hadn’t invaded Iraq, the Iraqis would be worse off living under Saddam’s continued rule.

    2. The death toll is now far below Saddam times or even Al Qaeda in Iraq times. Even as far back as three years ago, the violent death rate in Iraq was HALF of that of Chicago, Obama’s city.

    3. Just look at these pictures. The war in Iraq is over, and the Iraqis love the Americans who saved them from Saddam and then from the jihadists.

    In conclusion, the Neoconservative Evangelical Christian movement has saved thousands of Iraqi lives, while killing more than 23000 jihadists – the REAL religious extremists.

    I rest my case.

  64. thesadarab Says:


    You said “But if you mother, who has nurtured you for 20 years, and has never lied to you, tells you to trust her… Wouldn’t you trust her? That is Christian style faith.”

    Isn’t that applicable to any faith. A Hindu could exactly say the same. a Jew could say the same too. You are just being one sided. They are many atheist who could argue the non-existence of God more convincingly that a man of faith. While I respect your faith, I really do, but that does not mean you are right and everyone who is not Christian is wrong. May be you should visit some good Jewish site and read the argument about the non-existence of God’s son.

    Scott, my advice to you is to visit less your newcon anti-Muslim Right wing websites to get real factual data. And may be a bit of history could do wonders. Iraqis, do not love the presence of Americans, no one loves an occupying power.

    And BTW, Sadam Hussain, when at his worst, fighting against Iran, the US was supporting him. I should know, I am from that part of the world.

    Finally, you want the correct figures for the civilian casualities.. here is an extract…
    “In November 2006 Iraqi health ministry estimates ranged from 100,000 to 150,000 dead. This contrasts with a survey of Iraqi households in the Lancet, which suggested about 655,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the war by July 2006. ”


    BTW, main stream media was behind the war, and supporting Bush, but I guess when MSM reports some truth, all of a sudden you start attaching MSM. Americans have woken up, and put right what went wrong the last 8 years. Let’s hope that the true Conservatives take back their Christian faith from the likes of Bush, Dick, and Palin, your hero.

    Some links to brighten up your horizon.
    Facism in America.

    And this by the son of the founder of the Evangelical movement of America. (he is still a devout Christian).

    Evangelical/Republican Racist Hypocrites for McCain, or Redemption?

  65. simon thong Says:

    I think your blog will pass the millionth mark in 24 hours.

  66. simon thong Says:

    ONE MILLION PLUS HITS TODAY/tonight (depending which part of the world you are in). Congrats, Scott!

  67. Oiao Says:

    Happy New Year BH!

  68. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks, Oiao!

  69. cphilip Says:

    Hi Scott,

    i am glad to have found your website. I have read some of your articles and i share your views on many issues. I thought there are not so many malaysians like me who refuse to be fed with the local bias reporting. There are good Jews and there are those who are atheistic, selfish and materialistic but to me, it is simply irrational to condemn all Jews as evil. it is almost like as if it is a religious order to see all Jews as evil.

    My message to jihadist,

    On one hand when a country comes under muslim control, you create strict laws to make sure that no one can share their religion with a muslim in order that those who are muslim remain a muslim. You execute them if they decide to leave islam because in your religion that person is committing treason against your g-d.

    on the other hand you go out to non muslim countries and take advantage of their system which allows you to share your religion with anyone who are willing to listen to convert them.

    And on top of that in a non muslim country, you even explore ways of how you can use external powers (political, economical, terrorism) to force others to convert into muslim.

    tell me who should i consider to be more of a threat to me? the jews or the jihadist muslims?

    As i mentioned earlier, if some jews start doing what you are doing – treating other religion unfairly and even threaten them with terrorism, i will not hesitate to condemn their actions as unacceptable the same way i condemn jihadist muslim. But until they start doing bad things i have no reason to condemn them.

    I don’t care what the jews have done in the past. Similarly, if one day the jihadist muslims decide to treat other religion fairly, i will not care about what they have done in the past. i will even protect the muslim who are willing to treat other religion fairly if they are threaten by anyone who wants to wipe them out of the map.

    But the fact is : Jihadist muslims are not treating other religion fairly. and therefore, don’t blame me for being very unhappy and angry with jihadist muslims.

    Jews or muslim, I am ok with you if you can agree with these point.

    1. As far as religion is concern, agree to never use external power (political, economical, terror) to force conversion.

    2. to absolutely allow a person who join your religion to leave without fear of persecution if he or she decides to leave.

    3. to absolutely allow people of other religion to share their religion to anyone of your religion who are willing to learn. The person sharing and the person who is willing to learn will have no fear of being punnished.

    if you disagree with these points i have valid reasons to distrust you.

  70. Manga Says:

    Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome!

  71. ricster Says:

    Wow, i got the link here via a comic site. It scares me the way some of you people on here use your religion to pass judgement on those you feel are not worthy. I was raised a catholic, but am not a person of faith now, i cant bear the hypocracy from outspoken christians. Your love for America is bizarre, so messed up and scared they are losing influenceon the world stage. They talk of freedom and democracy, yet spend thier time meddling with everyone and starting wars all over the world. You pick on gays constantly, why are you so worried by them, they are born into families, they dont just appear from nowhere. As for the question of Jihadists and terroists. We created them, we gave them thier drive and reason, no matter how crazy they are. You are bunch of crazy cocks !

  72. simon thong Says:

    If they are a bunch of crazy cocks, you’re a lonely little chicken, Cheeken Leettle.

  73. Scott Thong Says:

    ricster, your talking points sound like they come directly from liberal media and blogs. I shall point out how inaccurate most of your statements are, with references to back up my stand.


    Losing influence on the world stage? Under George Bush, America’s approval improved. Citation


    Starting wars all over the world? I assume you of course mean Afghanistan and Iraq. May I remind you that under Saddam, the death rate for Iraqis was 7 times greater than during Bush’s invasion and occupation. Under Bill Clinton, the death rate was 14 times greater. Wow, what a murderer the liberal democrat, blow-jobbing irreligious Clinton was! What Bush accomplished with his ‘starting wars’ was to drastically reduce the death and suffering of ordinary Iraqis and give them the peace and freedom they enjoy now. Citation. But as a former Catholic, I suppose you have forgotten the concept of a ‘just war’.


    Pick on gays constantly? Recently, they have been picking on us… With riots, hate speech, intimidation tactics, harassment and physical assault. Citation


    We created jihadists and terrorists? We gave them drive and reason? You definitely do not know your history. Allow me to illustrate your fallacy:

    1) Jihad & America: Way back in 1785, hardly after the nation of America had been founded, Barbary pirates kidnapped American ship crews for the following reason:

    it was written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”


    2) Jihad & the Crusades – Is the imperialistic West to blame for the conflicts that last up till today? After all, the jihadis always refer to the West as ‘Crusaders’. The fact is: 461 years of nonstop Muslim invasions preceded the First Crusade. With no provocation from Christians, Muslims under the pretext of jihad invaded, pillaged and occupied Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Russia, Italy, Nubia, Portugal, Spain, France and even Holy Rome itself. Citation

    So why don’t I hear you blaming jihadis for creating us and giving us our drive and reason? (And if you say that 1400 years of jihad shouldn’t be an excuse to strike back at jihadis, then you will be showing blatant double standards as you have been basically justifying jihadi attacks on us, ‘no matter how crazy they are’.


    You speak of us using religion to pass judgement on others… What are you doing now, in your very comment, if not passing judgement on us based on your own values and worldview?

  74. masterwordsmith Says:

    Dear Scott,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment as well. I am awed by this honor for I am well aware of your standing in blogosphere. It is great to visit your blog again and to know we are in synch re Obama and many issues.

    Take care and may God bless you and yours always.

    Best wishes

  75. masterwordsmith Says:

    Dear Scott

    *Blush* Sorry, sir. It was a case of mistaken identity. Your cyberpal left your url in the comments page of my post on The Obama Deception so I thought it was you.

    Nonetheless, I am glad to reconnect with your blog again. I used to visit your blog often till I went off the grid in January and when I came back to cybersphere, I only visit a few places…But I will definitely come again.

    Take care and all the best to you.

  76. hoosierarmymom Says:

    Wow Scott, I never checked your about section, but your description leads me to believe that you may very well be one of the worlds most perfect, decient men!

    You know I love your blog. You rock!!!!

  77. kinziblogs Says:

    Yea, I was SO surprised to find your blog, a Malay Christian writing about US politics? I’m an American Christian mom in Amman Jordan, blogging about minority rights and motherhood in the desert. Which gets me in trouble with the trolls at times. God bless you today!

  78. Adifferentvoice Says:

    Scott is not a Malay. He is a Malaysian of Chinese descent, as distinct from a Malaysian of Malay descent or a Malaysian of Indian descent. Malaysian refers to the country of Malaysia; Malaysia has Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc, races.

  79. Proxy Site Says:

    I’ve found a free anonymous browsing proxy here http://www.surfshuffle.com, thought I’d share with whoever is interested before it gets blocked

  80. Scott Thong Says:

    Yeah kinziblogs, it’s really complicated… I am a Malaysian citizen of Chinese descent and Christian religion and Conservative worldview ;>

  81. Bill_Plantinga Says:

    Keep speaking Truth to Power Scott!!
    Glenn Beck HIMSELF would be proud to know that a fine young oriental mind such as yourself is flying the conservative pride flag in southeast asia for GOD and for AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL VALUES and spreading the truth about the Lies and Socialisms being forced upon the GREATEST NATION ON EARTH, the United States of America, by BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. I don’t trust him because he was not Born in America but Born in Kenya and then raised as a MUSLIN in Indonesia as well so He is Not a True President but a SECRET MUSLIN PRESIDENT and he is destroying this country
    Your conviction of the truthiness of your beliefs makes you a malaysian version of michelle malkin… or is michelle malkin and american version of you? LOL
    scott thong if only there were more Americans like you! LOL have you ever considered immigrating to America and becoming a citizen of our Great, God-Fearing, Christian Democracy? I think you could really make a difference running for public office – our Country is losing its way. I want my America back and it is bright young Men such as yourself that will restore the Christian values that the GREAT PRETENDER BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is trying to TEAR DOWN. If only we had Strong Christian Men of intellect and even-handed wisdom like yourself, scott thong, back in charge – I fear for this country that I love but am briefly comforted by your convictions that come straight from the gut
    LOL I am rambling but you have made a huge fan of me right here! You have impressed me so much as a young Christian Oriental man with such a strong Passion for what is going on in America and making a difference for Christ and fighting against Socialism and Big Government. God Bless America!

  82. Nick Says:

    Hey, love the blog, and I’d love to swap links with you. Visit Notoriously Conservative, and e-mail me back if you are interested. Keep up the good fight.


  83. Simon Thong Says:

    Almost 2,000,000 hits! Keep blogging, Scott!

  84. cp Says:

    Good Work Scott Thong! Agree with most of your ideas, reflections and efforts. Keep it up!

  85. nuraddin Says:

    In reference with Scott Thong Says: February 17, 09 at 10:04 am

    It is true that most of your ideas especially regarding Muslim’s world your resources are 95% from the western orientalists (see G.H.Jansen.Millitant islam). And it is fairly clear that those scholars had been working very hard in promoting and defending their ideologies.
    As a result, most of your reflections regarding the Muslim, you charged as ‘fanatics’, ‘ ignorance’, ‘ anti development’, ‘backward’, ‘inhuman’ ,’terrorists’ and so forth. And you inaccurately spreading the ideas, while distorting or manipulating the Islam, expressed their histories and so forth in your own value and worldview(?) .On the other hand you promote the good image and superiority of western civilization or way of life.
    As part of this arguement, you and the companions call for Islam to be reformed in line with modern thoughts, while others especially in the past wanted the religion to be totally eliminated.Can you make it?This effort and the propagator are very unclean and only given rise to serious conflicts .In fact, the battle of winning some others heart will always being waged not only today but the day after tomorrow.

  86. Simon Thong Says:

    It seems to be that Scott Thong is saying that all this is what we see because “radical Islam” is always in front of us, rather than “modern Islam”. It is really a challenge for the latter to promote itself, and not let the former grab all the headlines and attraction. I see no anti-Islam in what he writes. Don’t you think that you’re over-sensitive? And unfair to label Scott “western” in orientation.

  87. Scott Thong Says:

    Do I base my views on what ‘Western Orientalists’ say? Do I wrongly think of certain people as acting like ‘fanatics’, ‘ ignorance’, ‘ anti development’, ‘backward’, ‘inhuman’ ,’terrorists’ and so forth?

    Let me put a simple challenge to you, Turn on the news, whether Western CNN or Middle Eastern Al Jazeera. Watch and listen as they describe murders of civilians in Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Southern Thailand, Phillipines, Fort Hood, attempted on airplanes – and previously, New York, London, Madrid, Beslan. What do all of these have in common?

    As for WHO is inaccurately spreading the ideas, while distorting or manipulating the Islam, I’ll let pictures speak louder than words:

    Who Really Gives a Bad Name to Islam?

    Who thinks Islam encourages violence? Who makes people think some Muslims act like ignorant fanatics devoted to inhuman terrorism?

    Me and ‘the companions’? Or Muslims like these?

    Like I always say, go convince those Muslims that Islam = Peace, not me!

  88. fiona Says:

    Hello Scott. do u mind if we use ur sarawak map at our website? i’ll acknowledge ur blog on it. Plz let me know ur answer, u can email me on my email acc there. TQ.

  89. Scott Thong Says:

    Sure, no prob!

  90. Tim Says:

    Thank you for pointing out the RPG in the video. I spotted it the very first time I watched it. I am a photographer and I have never seen a camera that looks like that. Great blog keep the truth alive

  91. Simon Thong Says:

    2,557,070 hits can’t be misleading; enough hits to show that many enjoy coming to this blog..and others enjoy moaning to this blog.

  92. wits0 Says:

    “Like I always say, go convince those Muslims that Islam = Peace, not me!” – Scott.

    And any other religion ain’t = peace?

  93. cp Says:

    Hi Scot,

    I like your blog. Is there anyway i can put your blog in my facebook? I have sarah palin and gateway pundit. i think your blog is on very similar concerns about the things that are going on in the world. Thanks!

  94. Scott Thong Says:

    Well the closest I think you could do is post my link as a wall post. Or start a Fan page of my blog lol! I did one for Global Warming is Unfactual:


  95. cp Says:

    i am thankful for your blogs.

    i read the section where you gave a descriptions of your faith and what you stand for. and i am very comfortable with that. i believe i am very much the same.

    regarding my Christian faith, i am someone who when come across a good and sound message I will accept the message no matter from where it come from. i will respect the messenger behind the message for sharing the message but i will not worship him or her or it or the organization. As far as worship is concern, i worship only the Creator and Jesus.

    i believe it is man’s nature to worship that which is worthy of worship otherwise he will worship himself. and in my search for the being that is worthy of worship, i have found Jesus to be the most worthy among all.

    i added a link to your wonderful blog in my humble facebook page. hope that one day we can meet because it appears that we have so much in common. and also about our mutual concerns with what is happening around the world. cheers!

  96. cp Says:

    sorry, i entered the wrong email address in the above post. this is the correct one.

  97. thongoftheday Says:

    Hey Scott,

    96 responses to you post about who and what you are.

    cool? not sure!

    ya say you’re a scientist by training, but you don’t believe in global warming?

    do you believe that we will never be here again? that there is no past and no future, but only now. and now. and now?

    It’s a thinker?


  98. Simon Thong Says:

    Lots of scientists don’t believe in global warming.

    Do you read the paper? Ever read the paper online?

    Ever done any thinking?

    thongoftheday, methinks you’re just an envious troll who picks your pseudonym to mock. Do you believe you exist? Or do you think that you’re thinking that you’re thinking that you’re dreaming that you’re that you’re now reading this?

    thongoftheday (drinkerofgreenreddyeddrinkoftheday)

  99. Simon Thong Says:

    Already 2,766,470 hits and heading for 3,000,000 hits. Keep at it, Scott!

  100. saroja singam Says:

    dearest scott,
    i think u r amazing!!! i dont knw what other words to describe how i feel. i loved reading what u had to say about so many things. i wish i could shake your hand.
    your greatest fan,
    saroja singam

  101. Jeane Arneau -ropa ciclismo Says:

    Hello Scott
    I like your blog, it’s very nice.
    I’m gonna put this address on mi bookmarks of Firefox.

  102. Joe the Plumber Says:

    “Already 2,766,470 hits and heading for 3,000,000 hits. Keep at it, Scott!” Rhymin Simon

    Quantity Quality (which in your case is ZERO)

  103. Scott Thong Says:

    Which speaks much of your tastes then, doesn’t it? After all, you’ve been browsing around all over this qualityless blog.

    But please, don’t leave – there’s sooooooo much more for you too look at and vehemently disagree with!

  104. Joe the Plumber Says:

    I’m just here for the lulz.

  105. Scott Thong Says:

    I’m just reading your comments and replying cuz teh boredom.

  106. Simon Thong Says:

    # Joe the Plumber Says:
    February 17, 11 at 6:48 pm

    “Already 2,766,470 hits and heading for 3,000,000 hits. Keep at it, Scott!” Rhymin Simon

    Quantity Quality (which in your case is ZERO)

    Do I detect a fair bit of envy, of possession by the one called the Green-eyed Monster? Eat your heart out, Joe! (Btw, get a few lessons on writing rhyme, haha; even my Year 3 students do better. They can say Phoey Joey; or Joe the Plumber, Thick as Lumber.)

    This blog is just about to hit 3,000,000 hits; a fair number must be due to Joe the Plumber and his ilk, who have few other places to troll, to complain or do whatever they do to get a high. “Just like a robin, chasing the sun; Like a moth to a flame..” goes a popular song in the 80s.

    Talking about quality, Joe, everytime you visit this blog, the IQ level goes down a fair bit.

  107. Simon Thong Says:

    Perhaps Scott could give the 3-millionth visitor an award. Bet it would be you, Joe! Suggested Award: Pass that allows 10 silly remarks without being criticized.

  108. Simon Thong Says:

    2,988,319 hits

  109. Simon Thong Says:

    2,988,359 hits

  110. Simon Thong Says:

    3,000,000 hits by tomorrow. Not bad. Nor bad? Excellent!

  111. Joe the Plumber Says:

    Rhymin’ Simon says:

    “This blog is just about to hit 3,000,000 hits; a fair number must be due to Joe the Plumber and his ilk, who have few other places to troll, to complain or do whatever they do to get a high.”

    According to the stats listed on the home page, the breakdown is:

    0. Home page(>459,000 hits)

    1. Demotivators – Depressing Anti-Motivational Posters (>109,000 hits)

    2. Plants vs Zombies Survival: Endless – Scott’s Setup (>76,000 hits)

    3. Cracked.com’s 5 Most Horrifying Bugs VS Scott’s 5 Most Horrifying Worms (>68,000 hits)

    4. Elizabeth Wong Nude Pic Gambar Bogel (>68,000 hits)

    5. Left 4 Dead Comics Collection (110+ Comics) (>66,000 hits)

    6. How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning (>66,000 hits)

    7. One Piece Stream – Watch One Piece Anime Online (>55,000 hits)

    8. Transformers: 2007 Film (>41,000 hits)

    9. THONG OF THE DAY!!!! (>42,000 hits)

    10. Transformers: 2007 Film (>41,000 hits)

    In other words the majority of hits are attributable to search bots, links to embedded pics, and people looking for nude pictures and thongs.

  112. Simon Thong Says:

    Thanks for the analysis. Have you a blog that we may search, dear green-eyed comment-ter? LOL

    If one day, you may need to look at 6. How to Stop Chili or Chilli Burning (>66,000 hits), don’t be shy to see how you may be helped. Or too proud.

    3. Cracked.com’s 5 Most Horrifying Bugs VS Scott’s 5 Most Horrifying Worms (>68,000 hits) would be interesting, too. No meat. Vegans can view.

  113. Simon Thong Says:

    Woohoo, see what I found!

    The Diary of Daedalus
    Keeping an eye on Icarus
    * About
    * LGF Memory Hole Mosaic
    Bunk X
    April 15, 2011 at 10:11 pm | #36
    Reply | Quote
    OT– I did a quick google search over lunch to see if I could find a comment that ISTE referred to on an old Blogmocracy thread about Chuck’s trademark registration. No dice… but I did find this:
    How They Got Banned From Little Green Footballs
    Now that in itself is not awesome, until you realize that the source is a Malaysian blogger fighting the good fight. Check out his blogroll, too.

  114. adrian Says:

    did u studied in ipoh in primary?

  115. Scott Thong Says:


  116. simonthongwh Says:


  117. Steven Says:

    Gay men can think to! Since my degree is BS CIS, I have thrown out the evolution theory somewhat too: there has to be perimeter-based evolution (depending on adpative maitenance) while a pressure in environment Umwelt will spawn new processes that I would like to call transcendental-creationism. 🙂

    I am working on the theory of logic: it appears that logic like theories changes “shape” when in proximity with other persuasions of logic. So a human and a dying pet could share a commingled logic that keeps the pet alive if it were on death bed. More thoughts of me on facebook: mind.uploading. However I have my doubts about Woodpress since I found it through a research through some spam sixfigures.com which fed to w3.org, which through some reverse engineering brought me here. 🙂

    The last guy I spoke to and only guy that I spoke to from wordpress was gay, but stopped talking to me when he realized that I was a conservative gay man. Whoa! I have diagrams on my Facebook.

  118. simonthongwh Says:

    simonthongwh, blogger, passes 100,00 hits in 100 days

  119. Sherry Says:

    Love your blog! I’m going to enjoy perusing the articles here…especially your views on evolution. I’m a Creationist-God’s Word be true, by golly, He is the only one able to speak into existance things that were not in such a quick amount of time! :mrgreen:

  120. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks Sherry!

    I am a Creationist, in that I firmly believe nothing exists that does not have its ultimate source in God.

    However, I’m more open on the exact method He used to create life (ref: using/starting the Big Bang to create the universe).

    I have a little pondering on that note, see The Sin Theory of Evolution.

  121. Albert Tan Says:

    Scott, you give Christianity a bad name, your prosperity Gospel demeans the poor, ignores the marginalised children of God, spits on the face of the God of peace, nonviolence and justice; you promote ideologies and hate mongers in the name of the holy one. The dessert mothers and fathers call this BLASPHEMY!
    Jesus says “Give me back my religion, that is not what I said!”

  122. Scott Thong Says:

    Eh, what prosperity gospel?

    The closest I get is:

    Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it. – Malachi 3:10

    Could you perhaps be a bit more specific how and why you think I am insulting Christianity and God with my actions?

    If not, then I accuse you of slander.

  123. simonthongwh Says:

    Albert Tan Says:
    October 12, 11 at 2:34 pm

    Jesus says “Give me back my religion, that is not what I said!”

    Which Jesus are you quoting? Definitely not the Jesus of the New Testament.

  124. Scottish Schiltron Says:

    Love it, keep it up, a fan from Scotland.

  125. Norbert Montalescot Says:

    Wow, if there was ever a dream in the propaganda rooms of the CIA that a Malaysian of Chinese descent can be made into a perfect incarnation of America’s lowest of lowest guts-with-no-brain, you are IT!

  126. Scott Thong Says:

    Yeah, but those skinflint stiffs over in the Agency still haven’t cleared my paycheck! By the time I get the $$$, Obama will have reduced the value of those juicy American dollars.

  127. nn Says:

    You say your base your Christian believes on reason, logic and scientific proofs. But what about the logical fallacies and contradictions.

    If you were truly logical and scientific you would question those. You are a ignorant hypocrite that’s what you are.

  128. Scott Thong Says:

    Well maybe if you actually CITED some of these alleged ‘logical fallacies and contradictions’, I might be bothered to consider them.

    As it stands right now, you’re just throwing insults.

  129. Caleb Chen Says:

    You said you’re a scientist by training and a skeptic by mentality.
    You said you’re anti religious extremism.
    But I found you none of them 😦
    Last but not least, what are you gonna do if you have a gay kid in the future?

  130. Scott Thong Says:

    Why do you find me none of them? Do please explain. (Few, if any, ever respond with an explanation or justification of their accusations against me – see the comments immediately preceding yours). At the very least, it might help me out of a lack of self-awareness yes?

    On the gay kid issue, first of all I do not subscribe to the politically correct liberal belief that sexual preference is 100% genetically determined (which you ought to know if you really did take a proper look through my blog in order to come to your ‘none of them’ conclusion).

    Proper upbringing including but not limited to sufficient fatherly and motherly love and attention, as well as avoidance of homosexual influence, will minimize what is IMHO the extremely non-default setting of sexual preference to ‘homosexual’.

    But if I had a gay kid, I would love him nonetheless – but I would also make it clear to him that God doesn’t intend for things to be that way ideally, and I would pray for him constantly that God makes a change in him. Of course advocates of homosexuality will say that sexual preference cannot change, but with God’s power it can.

    To wit, I know people who were convinced they were completely gay, only to realize that it was a direct result of experiences during their formative years, and to find healing and even a genuine return to heterosexuality through the forgiveness and salvation of Jesus Christ. True story bro.

  131. Liz Baylot Says:

    I know Paul Baylot personally also. He is not a none of the things described by the person named in the previous comment! That person is the very kind of perpetrator that is doing the things described by Paul and there are many more perpetrators all around Paul!! They make up lies to get other people to join them in their covert terrorism

  132. ssdgh11 Says:

    I can’t even began to address how stupid this blog is.You make good points,but stupid.Go educate yourself.Don’t call yourself sceptic and hold on to your Bible.

  133. Scott Thong Says:

    What is the difference between murder and legal execution? The difference is authority and justification.

    Along those lines, God as the creator, sustainer and owner of life has the sole right to terminate it. By contrast, humans do not have this unilateral right.

    Feel free to disagree with this concept, but that is the explanation.

  134. Scott Thong Says:

    Try me then. Give me an example of why you feel that holding on to the Bible means I’m stupid or am not a skeptic. I’ll respond with why I don’t come to the same conclusion as you on that example.

    (No copy-paste link dumping though, that’s just lazy.)

  135. Tom Says:

    I’m a physician specializing in diagnostic radiology and nuclear radiology who also has advanced degrees in international studies and international politics and economics, worked for a short time in the intelligence field and also served 12 years as an officer in the US Air Force.

    I stumbled across your blog by chance and, I must say, I enjoyed it immensely.

    Keep up the good work. The world needs more sane, intelligent and informed people like you speaking out

  136. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for the praise and encouragement! I haven’t been updating this blog for ages now, due to the time investment needed to do a decent job. So mostly I just Tweet or Retweet brief remarks at https://twitter.com/scottthong

    But glad to know the old archived posts are still useful for something!

  137. Daniel Scott Smith Says:

    i feel sorry for you.

  138. Some Liberal White Guy Says:

    It’s interesting, I came here by accident looking for a plants vs zombies endless mode setup, and found this. Quite an interesting read.
    As someone who studied physics in college, identifies as liberal and a feminist and has married gay uncles, I obviously disagree with you on a lot of stuff. For instance, unless my understanding of physics is mistaken and all the data I’ve seen on the subject is erroneous, I really do believe there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that CFCs were interfering with the ozone layer, and that if anything, by attempting to marry, my uncles are conforming, not trying out an alternative lifestyle. (In fact, their relationship was what saved my uncle from suicidal depression caused by being disowned at the time.)
    Regardless, you’re obviously very organized and have genuinely thought about the topics about which you post. I’d like to commend you for that, and wish you the best of luck. Truth cannot be achieved unless it is questioned from multiple vantage points, after all.
    Also, I feel like in this time of increasing polarization, it’s important that we actually consider fellow human beings as actual people. In all likelihood, this plea will doubtless go ignored in the grand scheme of things, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.
    I wish you a wonderful life full of good health, inner peace, and a happy family.

  139. Scott Thong Says:

    Thanks for the comment.

    In the years since I stopped actively blogging, I’ve become more Libertarian. You could say I’ve been redpilled, for instance on the invasion of Iraq which I formerly strongly defended in my blogging.

    The change in viewpoint does fit with my stance all along however… New information and arguments can change my mind.

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