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10001 Unread Mails

March 31, 10

Mostly because every comment made on this blog causes an email to be sent to my Yahoo mail, and I just shift them to a folder without reading them (again, as I’ve read them on the blog already).

For the record, this blog has 12,685 comments to date (including my own).

See also update, 11111 unread.

Earth Hour: What is Wrong With Us Malaysians?

March 29, 10

“What is wrong with us Malaysians?” Chuah Ping Shien asks, for not switching off enough lights in KL for Earth Hour.

What is wrong, you ask?

Too many insufficiently educated, smugger-than-thou people like Chuah Ping Shien who STILL don’t realize that there hasn’t been any warming in 15 years so keep harping on about faulty pseudo-scientific hogwash is what’s wrong.

From The Star Opinions 29 Mar 2010:

KL not dark enough during Earth Hour

SATURDAY night was the second time Malaysia participated in the Earth Hour programme.

From what I observed from Look Out Point in Ampang, some high-rise buildings like KLCC, Menara Maxis and KL Tower switched off their lights.

We should commend such efforts. Kudos to the respective authorities.

Generally however, Kuala Lumpur was a letdown because the city was still bright.

Other cities like Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, Johannesburg and London were much darker than us.

What is wrong with us Malaysians?

How can we pledge to reduce carbon emission by up to 40% come 2020?

The ordinary citizen never seems to bother about such events.

We might think that nothing much can be achieved by switching off lights for an hour.

It’s not the time that counts, but the togetherness and the will to do something to make this Earth a better place.

What happened on Saturday might be due to the lack of promotion by the organiser, the WWF.

We must have a will to preserve and conserve the environment for our future generations. We must discard our selfish attitude now.

If you think switching off lights and staying home is boring and stupid, why not hang out with family or friends during the hour?

That way you can kill two birds with one stone.

You can save the planet and enhance your bond with each other.

The people in power, corporate figures and the NGOs should set an example by doing the same thing and asking everyone to switch off their lights.

I am very supportive of Earth Hour and feel we should make Kuala Lumpur the darkest city during that time.

Remember, everything is possible as long as we think of Mother Earth.

It would be good if other cities such as Putrajaya, Ipoh, Petaling Jaya, George Town, Miri and Kota Kinabalu join Kuala Lumpur in such an important event.

Kuala Lumpur.

Go cry, emo kid.

UPDATE: Hahaha! Hypocrite got pwned:

…highlight the fact that the writer was in fact polluting the environment even more by driving to the Lookout Point in Ampang.

Let’s assume he is from Kuala Lumpur and headed to Lookout Point before dinner.

This means he needed to drive some distance and let’s not forget about the traffic jam he was probably caught in.

Can you imagine the amount of carbon dioxide he contributed to the environment while driving there as compared to switching off his lights for an hour?

Who is Violent – Left or Right? (748 Cases)

March 26, 10

LATEST UPDATE: 18 Feb 2016

“Ex-Marine Asks Soviet Citizenship” — Washington Post headline, Nov. 1, 1959 (concerning Lee Harvey Oswald)

“He didn’t even have the satisfaction of being killed for civil rights. It’s — it had to be some silly little Communist.” — Jacqueline Kennedy, Nov. 22, 1963

…James Reston, the New York Times luminary, wrote in a front-page story that Kennedy was a victim of a “streak of violence in the American character,” noting especially “the violence of the extremists on the right.”

Never mind that adjacent to Reston’s article was a Times report on Oswald’s Communist convictions and associations. A Soviet spokesman, too, assigned “moral responsibility” for Kennedy’s death to “Barry Goldwater and other extremists on the right.”

Summary of the liberal leftwing projection, lies and distortion about who really commits violence by George F. Will.


Somewhat astoundingly, in the entire nation’s history, there’s never been a presidential assassination attempt by a right-winger. There have been more than a dozen by left-wingers… Conservatives, we’re endlessly told, create ‘an atmosphere of hatred and fear.’ This is as opposed to liberals who just go around shooting elected officials.

Angry violent mobs are always Democratic: Code Pink, SDS, The Weathermen, Earth First!, anti-war protesters, and union protesters in Wisconsin

Review of Ann Coulter’s book ‘Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America’ by Daily Caller

Via Moonbattery, via The Jawa Report, from Newsbusters:


See also these many incidents that were initially blamed on the Right, especially the Tea Party.


In addition to the 16 cases above, may I add:

17) Who violently protests when their disliked President (Bush) drives past?

18.) Who threw rocks on buses and attacked people at the 2008 GOP convention?

19) Who carries out violence and destruction of property to protest troops and war (oh, the ironing!)?

20) Who protests against Israel in favour of Hamas, complete with rioting, guns and burned cars?

21) Who attacks churches and traditional marriage supporters?

22) Who hits old ladies at Tea Parties that he disagrees with?

23) Who threatened the life of a Congressman who is opposed to Obamacare?

24) Who viciously beat up a BLACK MAN for no reason other than their own seething rage?

25) Who eggs and punches protestors (and are not reported about by the lie-beral media)?

26) Dozens of Tea Parties nationwide: 0 Arrested. One single leftist SEIU protest: 25 Arrested.

27) From Moonbattery:

28.) Who attacks a photographer at their own rally?

29) Who heckles and throws things at Nancy Pelosi? Yes, it’s Nancy Far-Left Pelosi, yet the ones throwing things are…

30) Rush Limbaugh summarizes the liberal double standard when it comes to protests, even violent ones.

31) One La Raza anti immigration laws protest in one state has more violence and arrests than the past one year of Tea Party protests nationwide. (Get a load of them here and here – would you feel safer around these guys or the ‘violent, dangerous, terroristic’ Tea Partiers? Not that the MFM would admit.)

32) Who takes over bank lobbies?

33) Who smashes property and attacks people during their demonstrations excuses to riot?

34) Who physically attacks and repeatedly punches peaceful Tea Partiers? Including cursing swear words at old folks?

35) Who attacks student reporters? Classy behaviour for a representative!

36) Who issues death threats against a song that mocks their cherished messiah?

37) Who riots, destroys property and sets vehicles on fire to protest the G20?

38.) Who wipes their spit on opponents?

39) Who repeatedly punches videographers in the face?

40) Which mayor assaults and cusses at a video guy?

41) Who throws piesAt another Democrat no less?

42) Who firebombs / molotovs campaign offices? And who has a history of anti-Tea Party violence?

43) Who attacks Muslim cab drivers – as part of a false flag operation to gin up support for the Ground Zero Mosque?

44) Who issues tons of death threats against conservative group FreedomWorks?

45) Who wants to kick Fox’s a$$ and pee on them?

46) Who holds Discovery Channel employees at gunpoint while demanding the extinction of the human race? (Hint: It ain’t no pro lifer!)

47) Going back in history, who assassinated two Kennedys?

48.) And which party engages in all out combat with – um, themselves?

49) Who runs down poll inspectors with a vehicle?

50) Who assaults reporters yet again?

51) Who calls for doing whatever it takes, including taking up arms?

52) Who stomps on the injured, surgical-booted foot of a woman?

53) Who riots and destroys… Over increased tuition fees??!

54) Who goes gun berserk after being pumped full of lefty influences… And misses every single target? (On tip from The Wright Wing)

55) Who sets fires with the message “F*CK the Tea Party” in a bar?

56) Who is a psycho who gunned down a Congresswoman and 25 others? And happened to be a Bush hater with literally zero in common with Tea Partiers?

57) Who uses target symbols on a political map and put a bulls-eye on a politician, while simultaneously decrying Sarah Palin’s use of surveyor symbols as ‘encouraging violence’? Or places a gunsight on a politician in an ad?

58.) Who thinks being peaceful (yeah right!) has gotten them nowhere (ergo they should try violence instead)?

59) Who chokes those who disagree with them?

60) Who has a whole legion of Twitterers wishing death on Sarah Palin?

61) Who threatens nationwide violence if their candidate is not re-elected?

62) Who starts a Facebook group rueing that Palin is not dead yet? With images fantasizing about her death?

63) Who calls for a gubernatorial candidate to be put against the wall and shot – while having the shameless gall to simultaneously call for civility in discourse?

64) Who believes the baseless blame-claims liberals spread regarding the Tucson shooting to the point that they issue death threats to Tea Party leaders?

65) Who turns their own rally violent, then blames Sarah Palin for it?

66) Who makes a death direct to the face of a Tea Party leader, during an event commemorating the victims of violent deaths no less? Who has a history of violent, strange behaviour including wanting to torture and mutilate the ears of Conservative personalities, and who in all likelihood was driven off the edge by – ironically – liberal opining that the Right is to blame for triggering the Tucson shooter. And from Diversity Lane:

67) Who declares to all his radio listeners that he wants to choke Rush Limbaugh… After a long, sordid history of sick fantasies targeting other Conservatives?

68.) Who killed hundreds of born alive babies by stabbing them with scissors – a practise which Obama voted in support of 4 times – and is likely just one of thousands across the country intentionally overlooked in order to promote and defend abortion? Horrifying details here. Michelle Malkin has details on how those who knew systematically refused to take action to stop the horrors. Indeed, liberals have a torrid history of letting abortionists get away with murder – both child and adult! – especially the taxpayer-funded, lawbreaking Planned Parenthood. (Update: the authorities and media are catching on.)

69) Who was a murderer on death row whose last words were to implore us to vote Obama?

70) Who murdered three and wounded nine while praising Obama?

71) Who planned to kill a Swede while hating Bush and loving Obama?

72) Who mailed anthrax, killing five while fearing Dick Cheney?

73) Who threatened to kill 57 U.S. officials… After donating to Obama’s campaign?

74) Who storms into a bank meeting?

75) Who tarnished Martin Luther King Day by wanting to fight the Tea Party – while ironically/hypocritically/ignorantly accusing them of being based on hate? (For the record, see this roundup for whether the Tea Party is racist, monolithically White or even Republican.

76) Who airs his gang rape fantasies about a Lt Governer?

77) Who killed a dean he mistook for the governor, is a Che fan and right-hater, and yet has throngs of liberal sympathizers who support him?

78.) Who stages a play wholly about killing a series of right wingers?

79) Who preaches anti-violence but does violence on a woman?

80) Whose supporters vow to hang Republicans?

81) Who wished Dick Cheney would die already… And now has the cheek to call for civility in political discourse?

82) Who altered a classic play to include Sarah Palin being beheaded?

83) Who protests and blocks a road for an hour before getting 25 members arrested… And were organized by a former Obama advisior?

84) Who releases a rap calling for the assassination of various Conservative personalities?

85) Who plotted to blow up a Metro Detroit mosque and had previously threatened to kill George W. Bush and bomb a Vermont veterans’ clinic?

86) Who hung Sarah Palin in effigy?

87) Who mailed poison to government offices… And is a Jeremiah Wright fan?

88.) Who believes in their agenda so much, that they are willing to take to the streets fighting?

89) Who issues a death threat to a Republican representative for not supporting illegal immigration?

90) Who calls for Clarence Thomas to be lynched? And isn’t that sort of thing supposed to be RACIST???

91) Who wants violent revolutionary overthrow of the American government?

92) Who threatens violence and death against someone who opposes indoctrinating prepubescent children into homosexuality?

93) Who encouraged protestors to bring shoes to throw at Bush in order to cancel his appearance?

94) Who issues death threats to Republican lawmakers and hail from unions?

95) Which administration organizes people and incites them to skip work, get fake MCs and pull student out of classes to a protest where they call for the death of and paint crosshairs on a Republican? To the point where 9 are arrested for violence? And the media ignore this violence and mock Conservatives instead? And then the administration openly lies about involvement? Pics at here and video pointing hypocrisy below:

96) Who displays vulgar and hateful signs, attacks bystanders, and even swears at a thirteen year old kid? More context from personal account at here.

97) Who tries to sabotage sound systems being used by people they dislike? And then attacks someone who tries to stop him, ending in his arrest?

98.) Who tried to firebomb a governor’s mansion and the Republican National Convention?

99) Who Tweets death wishes against Republican Governor Scott Walker?

100) Whose security officers violently manhandle a veteran for quietly, peacefully turning his back on Hillary Clinton’s speech – which was ironically about freedom to protest in the Middle East?

101) Who responds to proposals to limit unions with intimidation and vandalism?

102) Who harasses a gay, black Tea Partyer for ‘betraying’ his own best interests… As well as insinuating that he is an irresponsible man who abandons his children?

103) Who has a man who hits a young woman? And then denies it despite being caught on tape?

104) Who hurls foul cusses at Tea Partiers?

105) Who says to get a little bloody and thinks throwing coffee cups at his opponents is fine?

106) Who releases a song calling for smashing opponent b******s into the ground?

107) Who mercilessly forces a camel onto the slippery snow and ice to join their protest?

108.) Who threatens rape and sodomy without any provocation whatsoever?

109) Who attacks elderly Tea Partiers… And also hopes they die sooner?

110) Who screams and harasses Fox reporters for fun, and threaten to break their necks? And who is greatly amused by such incivility?

111) Who gives vulgar gestures without provocation?

112) Who desecrates a war memorial – just to be visible?

113) Whose signboard threatens strangulation for pro-lifers?

114) Whose assemblyman said “You are f***ing dead” to a woman?

115) Following which, whose threats cause said woman to need a police escort around the capitol?

116) Which representative screams vulgar insults at her staffers on a regular basis?

117) Who gangs up on a Republican senator while screaming vulgarities?

118.) Whose is a commie who threatened to bomb Scott Walker? (On a tip from TheWrightWingv2)

119) Who shouts down a Republican and assaults another woman?

120) Who threatens ‘The only good Republican is a dead Republican’?

121) Who disrespectfully screams during an assembly prayer?

122) Who tries to forcefully break into the assembly?

123) Who breaks down police barriers and harasses reporters? And no, Egyptian rioters is not a choice for your answer!

124) Who calls for Scott Walker’s murder yet again?

125) Who harasses kids and try to steal their phones?

126) Who threatens to break a Tea Partier’s neck?

127) Who shrieks until a town hall meeting is shut down?

128.) Who issued a bomb threat against Gov. Scott Walker?

129) Who tries to storm the capitol building… But gets tackled by police?

130) Who invades a restaurant and attacks the owner simply because Republican lawmakers are dining there?

131) Whose poor civic mindedness caused a 7.5 million dollar bill to clean up after their protest and 5.5 million for security? (See also comparison with a Tea Party protest and the Obama inauguration)

132) Who left live ammunition of a type not used by police after their protest?

133) Who intimidates and scream profanities at lawmakers?

134) Who sexually harasses a conservative teenager?

135) Who calls a citizen journalist an a$$hole and threatens violence? Much more at roundup here.

136) Who knocks down a GOP candidate?

137) Who exposes school kids to violent, bloody, nigh pornographic and also crude and shoddy graphic depictions of his rabid political views?

138.) Who sends a crazy, threatening email warning that anyone who sides with Gov. Scott Walker has to die?

139) Whose torrent of death threats has resulted in the Wisconsin DoJ launching investigations into them

140) Who harasses Tea Partiers, makes 50+ threatening phone calls to a restaurant, and rips up petitions?

141) Who issued 18 death threats in the space of just one week? And has now been arrested and has confessed and (on a tip from ZRM) been charged but is still not in custody due to double-standard feet-dragging?

142) Who overtly threatens to boycott (or worse) businesses that support Gov. Scott Walker? But those who refuse to kowtow see four times the business as regular folk show their support!

143) Who records license plates and sticks signs onto cars at a Gov. Scott Walker fundraiser?

144) Who ignores, shouts down and cusses at police who politely warn them that their rally is illegal?

145) Who scales the outside of the capitol building to harass officials, and proudly films it to boot?

146) Whose death threats force Republicans to skip the St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

147) Who stalks and harasses a senator at her home… On a Sunday morning no less?

148.) Who vandalizes a bank with profanity… Despite it having nothing to do with the issues at hand?

149) Whose concept of civility is so skewed, that they think threats of violence is not coercive?

150) Who shot up the GOP offices in DC?

151) Who destroyed the Wisconsin State Capitol lawn?

152) Who gets dragged off by state troopers after invading a Tennessee Capitol Senate Committee meeting?

153) Who harasses and threatens grocers and superglues the doors shut?

154) Who sends death threats to Wisconsin Tea Party leaders?

155) Who jams up Washington DC rush hour traffic… To protest a fundraiser?

156) Who breaks the law and gets arrested by purposely staying to protest after hours and banging on entrances?

157) Who planned to commit a school shooting on behalf of the poor, dissected animals in science class?

158.) Who notes that the Left is ignoring these death threats… And is summarily denounced as a traitor by his fellow liberals?

159) Who issues menacing threats against Ann Althouse?

160) Who invades a bank and won’t leave till the police are called?

161) Who cares so little for the value and dignity of human life, that they use a woman’s suicide as a political attack despite having been rebuffed by everyone who knew the woman?

162) Who throws a firebomb at an elderly woman at a pro-life prayer event?

163) Who vandalizes a Republican senator’s house?

164) Who vandalizes stores, throws paint and ammonia bombs at police, and wants to disrupt Prince William’s royal wedding?

165) Who uses footage of the Oklahoma City bombing in their pro-union ads?

166) Who was willing to die in order to kill Republican Governers and had a weapon with ammunition in his desk drawer?

167) Who physically assaults a LaRouche follower because he doesn’t support Obama?

168.) Who threatens another Arizone-style massacre? Remember, Loughner was a leftist! (See no.56 above)

169) Who sends bomb and death threats to GOP lawmakers… In between teaching young children?

170) Who starts a Facebook page calling fordumping trash at Speaker Boehner’s house?

171) Who is very vocal on Facebook calling for various Conservatives to be shot and killed?

172) Who gets arrested after rushed en masse at state troopers?

173) Who sends unidentified white powder to Allen West as a threat?

174) Who thinks violence is a necessary answer?

175) Who screams profanities and vulgarities at their opponents?

176) Who, like many others of their political leanings, supports a convicted and self-confessed cop killer?

177) Who is an apologist for violent protestors?

178.) Who goes throws food trays on an airplane because the food wasn’t vegetarian enough?

179) Who boos at the national anthem and boast that they wipe their a$$ with the American flag?

180) Who screams profanities… at a 14 year old girl???

181) Who breaks into an office to steal recall petitions against AWOL Democrats?

182) Who harasses a black Tea Partier?

183) Who disrupts Tea Partiers by shouting through a bullhorn?

184) Who noisly disrupts and makes obscene gestures at a Tea Party?

185) Who wishes that a conservative commenter had been aborted?

186) Who is so unhinged that they send lots protests and a death threat to the wrong persons just because the latter are named Koch Brothers?

187) Who invades the stage and harasses Sheriff Joe Arpaio until he is tackled and arrested by law enforcement?

188.) Who is so gentle, refined and civilized that they post dozens of crude, insulting mockeries directed at a baby with Down’s Syndrome?

189) Who sends a Reply All email telling conservative students to f*ck off… Then has the arrogance to lecture them on etiquette?

190) Who leaves an intimidating phone message just because a gas station lets Republicans fill up there?

191) Whose official is so disruptive and offensive at a Republican’s townhall event that the audience is fed up enough to yell at her to sit down? And her supporter wanting to start a fight to the point that police escort him out?

192) Who attends a fundraiser just to heckle Obama until they are removed? And no, they aren’t Conservatives!

193) Further to no. 186 above, who finds it funny the death treats funny – after bemoaning the dangers of death threats just prior to this?

194) Who hides behind a faked hospital caller ID to make calls intimidating petitioners who want to recall AWOL Democrats?

195) Who hints that violence is justified to shut down a Tesco?

196) Who disrupts and intimidates Rep. Allen West until she is arrested and removed? Hint: works for liberal station Air America.

197) Who is organized to disrupt and shut down town halls?

198.) Who indoctrinates university students in using violence and industrial sabotage to achieve their ends – including terrorism and filing contrived lawsuits to shut down non-union businesses?

199) Whose sabotage efforts in the name of extreme political correctness led someone to commit suicide?

200) Further to no. 164, who plans to ruin the royal wedding and has posters with nooses around William and Kate’s necks?

201) Who disrupts another Allen West town hall with swearing and obscene gestures until they are escorted away?

202) Michelle Malkin has a rundown of illegal, uncivil anti-Walker activity.

203) Who threatens the Tea Party with armed violence?

204) Who shuts down a school board meeting with their protesting? And whose daughter cheered them on?

205) Who coaches children into saying the F-word?

206) Who threatened to disrupt a poetry reading for Laura Bush, even as their own First Lady invites a rapper whose lyrics call for violence and murder against law enforcers and G.W. Bush, and tributes a cop-killer (going as far as naming his daughter after her) who is on the lam? And who boasts about hosting him?

207) Who disrupts a peaceful protest to scream at Tea Partiers?

208.) Who fakes being a Tea Partier to attack a cameraman, and then lies that he was attacked first?

209) Who is a union official who threw literal crap on an opponent’s roof just because she is disliked by Democrats?

210) Who steals and burns US and LSU War Memorial flags to show his support for Osama bin Laden, and is arrested for it?

211) Who fills schools texts with vulgar references to ‘gringos’?

212) Who releases a rap filled with profanity defending the global warming scam?

213) Who throws glitter at Newt Gingrich and wife at a pro-family event?

214) Who is pro-Hamas and disrupts a Christian service?

215) Whose threats against Wisconsin and other lawmakers total 100 pages of documentation?

216) Who releases an ad insinuating Paul Ryan flinging grandma off a cliff to make a partisan political point?

217) Who intercepts other people’s emails and laughs about it?

218.) Who is serving 20 years for threatening to kill the senior Bushes, Billy Graham and others?

219) Who curses at and attacks journalists at a Paul Ryan event?

220) Who thinks Cuba should and would be justified to assassinate American leaders?

221) Whose campaign did the South Park jihadi volunteer for in 2008?

222) Who tries to interrupt the Israeli PM’s speech at AIPAC?

223) Who tries to interrupt the Israeli PM’s speech to Congress?

224) Who calls a conservative woman a slut on air… And gets suspended a week without pay by his horrified bosses?

225) Who desecrates a memorial with an illegal ‘dance protest’ before being forcibly arrested and removed? No demonstrations are ever allowed at memorials.

226) Who violently clashes with police in East Jerusalem and end up with six arrested?

227) Who celebrates that 100+ have died in the Joplin tornados? (Their founder and leader is a Democrat.)

228) Who wanted to rip out Dick Cheney’s throat and calls Republicns b*stards?

229) Who would be okay if Rush Limbaugh were to be attacked, beaten, and stabbed in the stomach?

230) Who threatens, harasses, attacks, hospitalizes and throws trash at people while holding aloft the usual Leftist kitsch — Che Guevara, the hammer and sickle, the Palestinian flag, signs denouncing Islamophobia, etc?

231) Who defaces Sarah Palin’s tour bus with an obscene slur?

232) Who disrupts a Special Olympics Ceremony while childishly dressed as zombies just to annoy Gov. Scott Walker?

233) Who disturbs the peace with their drum and silly antics in violation of city ordinances until police ask them to leave?

234) Who accosts and cusses at someone when he reveals he works for a conservative group?

235) Who felt like smacking around a female constituent?

236) Who shuts down Chicago traffic during rush hour and end up getting arrested (as usual!)?

237) Who throws glitter on Tim Pawlenty?

238.) Who throws glitter on Michele Bachmann?

239) Who taunts and pours wine on Glenn Beck’s family at a public place?

240) Who attempts to ambush Rand Paul and then gets the one who stopped her assault charged instead?

241) Whose ‘pride’ event turns into rioting, vandalism and violence?

242) Who swamps obscenities at the US team who are playing on US soil?

243) Who is likely behind the arson of Rick Perry’s mansion?

244) Who brings in a false witness to excuse SEIU members who assaulted a black man? As their fellows intimidate the victim’s family outside the courthouse?

245) Who invades the Montana Capitol and gets arrested?

246) Who is a top Democrat who’s been indicted for planting a bomb in a parking garage?

247) Who assaults pro lifers? As if killing helpless, innocent babies wasn’t enough.

248.) Who hacks FOX News’ Twitter account?

249) Who wanted to gross out FOX News with dead fish?

250) Who cusses about Chris Christie and wants to punch him in the head?

251) Who invades the RNC offices?

252) Who racially mocks Herman Cain?

253) Who posts names, addresses and passwords of Arizona law enforcement?

254) Who badmouths other Congresspersons behind their backs, in a floor speech and earlier ordered protests at the target’s campaign HQ?

255) Who throws custard pie at the owner of FOX News at a hearing?

256) Who hacks News of the World to get emails… In response to, uh, News of the World hacking phones? (Way to claim the moral high ground!)

257) Who rushes at and constantly harasses Michele Bachmann?

258.) Who disrupts a Right Online online video conference?

259) Who harasses Andrew Breitbart at Netroots 2011?

260) Who calls Tea Partiers terrorists and worse? And while being the founder of the ‘Civility Project’, hypocritically deleted comments after saying “I see incivility as not letting other people speak their piece.”???

261) Who calls Tea Partiers jihadists and more?

262) Who draws a cartoon about SEALs killing Tea Partiers and compares Tea Partiers to Nazis?

263) Who turns 180 degrees from blaming right-wing rhetoric for Gabriele Giffords’ shooting to using combat terminology against fiscal conservatives?

264) Who shouts John Wilkes Booth’s assassination motto at Gov. Scott Walker?

265) Who unleashes a whole slew of insults at Tea Partiers – including calling them terrorists – and then has the gall to say she is actually civil because what she says is true?

266) Who supports and cheers the rioting and violence in London?

267) Who threatens to end business with a cafe just because Tea Partiers meet outside it?

268.) Who harasses Republicans lawmakers and ends up with 20 arrested?

269) Who is an AWOL priased by lefties who plotted a major attack on Ft. Hood?

270) Who is an open borders leftist arrested outside the White House after refusing to comply with the authorities?

271) Who calls black Tea Partiers ‘sell-out negroes’ and harasses them?

272) Who sits in the middle of two roads until they are arrested? (Really, lefty logic – how does inconveniencing everyday folk fight ‘corporate greed’?)

273) Who defends the thieving, destroying, murdering rioters in Britain?

274) Who wants the Tea Party to go straight to hell?

275) Who mocks an aged Margaret Thatcher as going mad in a film full of blatant, direct misrepresentations?

276) Who speaks condescendingly and sexistly at Laura Ingraham on air?

277) Who takes over a bank in order to get their way?

278.) Who is shot for owning the largest non-union electrical contracting businesses in the Toledo, Ohio area?

279) Who insinuates that Rick Perry wants to kill illegals on the border and childishly calls him names?

280) Who wants to torture managers and strike-breakers?

281) Who taunts, spits at and threatens World Youth Day pilgrims who come to meet the Pope?

282) Who thinks the real enemy is the Tea Party – not jihadists actively killing US soldiers or trying to kill Americans on American soil?

283) Who is a Justice who attacked another and then filed false charges against her victim and previously assaulted another justice in 2008?

284) Who says that Tea Party Congressmembers want to hang blacks from trees?

285) Who calls for civil unrest yet says Tea Partiers want to lynch blacks?

286) Who glued doors shut at a school to protest Scott Walker, and who got arrested for battery?

287) Who calls to prepare for armed civil war?

288.) Who calls his opponents barbarians and uses plenty of fighting language?

289) Who calls themselves an army ready to war on the ‘sons of b*tches’ Tea Party, and would say it over again? The same person who a month before wanted to wipe them out, and is still proud of his words? And who praises him moments later while declining to distance himself from the remarks? And who avoids the question and refuses to criticize this language which results in his showing clear double standards?

290) Who releases a video game about killing Tea Party zombies, including Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann?

291) Who tweets about wanting Republicans dead?

292) Who storms a port, overpowers and holds security guards hostage, damages railroad cars and dumps grain? Despite having a federal restraining order on members? And ends up fined $250,000 but still threaten further violence?

293) Who hurls racist slurs and lynches stuffed monkeys at their protest? And nope, it ain’t Tea Partiers!

294) Who encouraged committing violence and death?

295) Who threatens reporters with a slew of profanity?

296) Who keeps interrupting Paul Ryan until police are forced to arrest them?

297) Who wants mass civil disobedience and plain old harassment nationwide?

298.) Who says Texans commit bestiality with sheep on air?

299) Who says to pee on Republicans and is cheered by the crowd?

Occupy Wall Street and its ilk from this point down

300) Who wanted to clog up Wall St.for months including by squatting on a private park (but failed miserably)? Who spout streams of anti-semitism and anti-black racism? And chokes up the Brooklyn Bridge which really angers hardworking citizens and clogs up hardworking businesses? And it’s spreading to other cities too.

301) Who assaults 3 GOP reps, but at least has the decency to turn himself in?

302) Who tweets death threats, vulgarity and slurs at Michelle Malkin and says she deserves it if she is killed?

303) Who threatens ‘the rich’ nonviolently, for now?

304) Who blocks traffic, acts unruly, resist arrest and assaults a police officer before they are finally pepper sprayed and 80 of them arrested?

305) Who thinks New York’s billionaires should be MURDERED and looted?

306) Who calls Sarah Palin a whore and devil to her daughter’s face and is unprepentant about it?

307) Who tells people “We need some of you probably getting arrested for doing things you shouldn’t be doing.”?

308.) Who harasses Donald Rumsfield and people attending his book signing? And get arrested, ironically after trying to ‘citizen’s arrest’ Rumsfield?

309) Who thinks bankers should be beheaded or sent to ‘re-education camps’? On that latter bit, note that this is the same person who posed as Hitler feeding ‘burnt Jew’ cookies into an oven.

310) Who calls for killing White babies, and was let off the hook for overt voter intimidation at the 2008 elections – likely because they’re good buddies with Barack Obama?

311) Who yet again celebrates a convicted cop killer?

312) Who responds to losing an argument by chasing after you and cursing?

313) Who screams at another lefty until he is chased away, causing others of the group to apologize for the bad behaviour?

314) Who screams and cusses at a reporter for daring to question their operation that intentionally released more than 2000 guns to illegal buyers in Mexico which resulted multiple deaths?

315) Who throws around the F word freely, harasses and uses still more F-words, and uses racist anti-Black terms including the N-word? (That last one, of course, because they are 99% White.)

316) Who clogs up Boston without permits or paying for their electricity usage which every other group in the past has had to?

317) Who literally sh*ts all over the place, including on police cars?

318.) Who laments the nonviolence among protestors, particularly the Wall St squatters? (On tip from Wakefield Tolbert)

319) Who says that ultimately, violence will be necessary?

320) Who refuse to comply with polite police requests, ending in 100 arrested, then complain of non-existant ‘brutality’?

321) Who tries to and actually manages to dump trash in a bank lobby and get arrested?

322) Who invades the Hart Senate building and get arrested?

323) Who gets pepper sprayed by police after refusing to leave Capitol grounds long after hours?

324) Who attracts wanted criminals and violent drug addicts to join their protest?

325) Who vandalizes cops cars and businesses and gets arrested?

326) Who invades the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and roughs up a guard?

327) Who uses a slur word for homosexuals and threatens violence? Compare against such a thing STILL not yet proven about the allegedly ‘homophobic’ Tea Parties!

328.) Who shouts down and harasses media?

329) Who pushes cops to the limit, all the way up to the barriers… Until the cops finally have to baton them back?

330) Who torches an SUV and vandalizes vehicles?

331) Who invades banks and clogs up the cable cars for hours and get arrested?

332) Whose deadbeat, unsanitary antics have resulted in costs and losses in the millions? Way to exacerbate the debt crisis!

333) Who harasses and spits on a female Coast Guard with no provocation?

334) Who strong arms police officers, gets arrested and claims it a victory because they get to continue illegally squatting on private property?

335) Whose movement has already resulted in <a href=”more than 1500 arrests? Compare with the Tea Parties which have been going on for 2 years!

336) Who sings F*CK AMERICA amidst many other violent, rude and crude acts?

337) Who has plenty of anti-Jewish racists in their ranks? Compare to the multi-racial Tea Parties.

338.) Who wants to hang Bush (man, is he retro or what?)?

339) Whose movement has 98% who support civil disobedience and 31% who support violence to achieve their goals?

340) Whose movement has many incidences of sexual harassment, assault and rape and encourage victims to report it to their committee rather than the cops?

341) Who has utters threats and racial slurs… And also, seem to have no concept of irony with regards to freeloading?

342) Who invades and shouts at a private business, just a small restaurant?

343) Who drums all day and night, disrupting school lessons and the sleep of others – including their own?

344) Who defecates on the doorsteps of family homes?

345) Who hacks the Boston Police website and vandalizes buildings?

346) Who statutory rapes a 14-year-old, and who pulls a knife threateningly?

347) Who mobs the streets of New York, are placed on FBI terror watch in Chicago, are getting the riot police ready for altercations in San Francisco and also are spewing more of their usual vulgarity in the meantime?

348.) Who defaces memorials?

349) Who craps and pees and litters and breeds rats everywhere, fights, assaults, obstructs emergency services, throws paint at police, and finally gets tear gassed?

350) Who gang rapes girls and does nothing to stop it?

351) Who forms a gang armed with AR15s (on tip from hutchrun) and threatens law enforcement? Compare to when MSNBC doctored footage of one single black man with an AR15 at a Tea Party and portrayed it as a racist death threat against Obama.

352) Who has anti-Semitic roots and tendencies?

353) On a tip from wits0, Compilation: 40 Examples of OWS Violence, Perversion, and Anti-semitism (With Pictures, Videos)

354) Who calls for armed conflict against the 1% and the police?

355) #OccupyWallStreet: The Rap Sheet, So Far – More than 100 instances (via Don Surber)

356) Who rapes a deaf man?

357) Who tries to pimp a young girl?

358.) Who releases guidelines for killing cops?

359) Who tweets to kill Sarah Palin to get America respect?

360) Who gets a dog to rip up an American flag?

361) Who starts throwing objects at the cops unprovoked and injure their own hero?

362) Who smashes store windows and marauds around with sticks?

363) Who attacks a fellow lib, then the victim is told that NOTHING HAPPENED?

364) Who grafittis, smashes and vandalizes all up and down America? Tons of pics.

365) Who riots and shuts down a port in Oakland?

366) Who harasses children and pushes a 78-year-old lady down the stairs?

367) Who throws a Molotoc at the Portland WTC?

368.) Who fights the police who come to investigate a death at their camp?

369) Who smashes police car windows with a hammer?

370) Who hacks the mayor’s website – even after he accedes to their demands?

371) Who responds to hotdog vendors stopping their freely givenm generosity, by gratefully stealing, vandalizing and throwing pee and blood at them?

372) Who threatens and tries to steal from a pizza place – because they ran out of breadsticks?

373) Who threatens a fight if asked to leave the area they are illegally occupying?

374) Who harasses at Burger King and gets arrested?

375) Who abuses a reporter who asks abotu his personal fortune?

376) Who pees and craps in a bank?

377) Who commits arson on $10 million worth of housing?

378.) Who blocks traffic, then harasses a driver when someone gets knocked into?

379) Who rampages, breaks machinery and gets arrested – because McDonalds employees wouldn’t give him free food?

380) Whose protests cause $1 million in costs to the city so far?

381) Who uses children as human shields as they invade a meeting?

382) Who beats up with a homeless guy after he kicks their tents?

383) Who is arrested for alleged rape and sexual assault?

384) Who pushes a police chief into a moving bus?

385) Whose flier derides pacifism and nonviolence and warns the peacefu not to get in their way?

386) Who uses the 300 year old St Paul’s Cathedral carpets as a toilet and vandalizes the building?

387) Who destroys a bathroom they are allowed to freely use, then threatens the owner after she bans them? How grateful!

388.) Who attacks police… then lies about it?

389) Who is arrested for dealing heroin, with a 6-year-old in his tent?

390) Who shoots one of their own and then harasses reporters?

391) Who shoots one of their own and then attacks police?

392) Who attacks a news crew?

393) Who attacks a Tea Partier filming them?

394) Who tries to crash BlogCon… And fails?

395) Who is stockpiling stones, gathering boards with nails in them, and digging a trench-lines in preparation to assault the police?

396) Who keeps heckling at a swearing in> until he gets dragged out by a cop?

397) Who is so full of lawlessness and crassness, that they get normal citizens fed up enough to protest against them?

398.) Who publicly craps on Capitol Hill, Seattle?

399) Who fires an assault rifle at the White House, breaking a window? And who observes a moment of silence, support and solidarity for him?

400) Who wants to shut down public place?

401) Who wants and encourages people to burn the city to the ground and gets arrested?

402) Who injures police in a clash?

403) Who harasses, screams at and kicks little school children?

404) Who intentionally blocks traffic for no reason other than to intentionally block traffic, including harassing drivers?

405) Who punches a police horse?

406) Who uses his kid as a human shield? Irresponsible coward.

407) Who steals his neighbor’s furniture for use at an Occupy camp

408.) Who throws things at and harasses police, trying to pick a fight?

409) Who racks up a list of violent crimes?

410) Who has to be reminded by their leader not to pee on banks?

411) Who is complicit and supportive of molests, rape and violence amidst Occupy?

412) Who plans more organized mass disruptions of honest, hardworking businesses?

413) Who death threatens Governor Nikki Haley “I hope someone murders you before I do”?

414) Who leaves 30 tons of trash in front of city hall?

415) Who vandalizes county subdivision signs?

416) Who is so filthy and uncivic-minded that hazmat suits are needed to clear up their legacy?

417) Who talks peace, then hits a citizen journalist in the head?

418.) Who tries to invade a Capitol building and gets tazed and arrested?

419) Who gets drunk and beats up their own security guard?

420) Who has rocks, body armor and machetes ready?

421) Whose vandalism causes $3,000 worth of damage to Neiman Marcus?

422) Who spraypaints a bank wall with graffiti?

423) Who rudely insults shoppers at Walmart then leave 75 trollies full of goods for the staff to clear up? (At least they didn’t steal all the stuff, which would be perfectly expected of Occupy lefties!

424) Whose movements have caused $21 million in costs – mostly borned by hardworking taxpayers?

425) Who attacks police and gets arrested?

426) Who wants Jews to go back to the ovens?

427) Who cuts queue at Macy’s to block the line?

428.) Who harasses and spits at police?

429) Who called Gabrielle Giffords a whore who has to be taken out, toast, a paid assassin who gets our kids killed and must be stopped – a year before leftist Jared Loughner tried to kill her?

430) Who continues to defile a 9/11 memorial statue?

431) Who has terror group Weather Underground join them?

432) Who shuts down a bank lobby and warns of civil war?

433) Who leaves 200 pounds of poop?

434) Who stocks a handgun and ammo, molests women, and attacks cops?

435) Who attacks a woman with an full aluminium bottle when she won’t join them?

436) Who chokes and hits a camp drummer with a hammer? The drummer too was disturbing people’s sleep.

437) Who breaks into a locked building, barricades it to prevent police entering, then spits on police from the upper floor?

438.) Who harasses and screams at mothers and children at Walmart and Target?

439) Who beats up an anti-Occupy protestor then runs like the bullying cowards they are?

440) Who was a former Obama czar, now calling for blockading all major West Coast ports?

441) Who shot another lefty to death?

442) Who stabs another occupier with a knife?

443) Who uses their kids as shields to harass the police?

444) Who blocks traffic at the Port of Seattle, throws heavy objects at police, and ends up arrested?

445) Who blocks the Port of Long Beach and ends up arrested?

446) Who swarms and shuts down filming of a Law & Order: SVU episode about them?

447) Who puts her 4-year-old daughter on train tracks to shut down the Port of Portland?

448.) Who shuts down the Port of Oakland and costs hardworking middle class workers a day’s wages?

449) Who blocks food shipments to the hungry and needy?

450) Who posts personal info of police to ‘avenge’ the Occupy crowd?

451) Who goes an a rampage of arson?

452) Who steals a computer and sacred artifact from the church that gave them shelter, something even drug addicts did not do?

453) Who urinates on a cross in the church that gave them shelter?

454) Who vandalizes, throws rocks and bottles and ends up with 300 arrested?

455) Who disrupts pro-life rallies, interrupts prayers, and throws condoms at schoolgirls?

456) Who intentionally vandalizes eviction notices until he gets tased by police?

457) Who murders his own parents?

458.) Who hits police in the face with bricks?

459) Who plans disruptions, disturbance, and physical violence against CPAC?

460) Who amasses a whole list of sexual attacks, including rapes, yet has their suck-ups pretend nothing happened?

461) Who refers to opposing legislators as demons?

462) Who openly encourages Occupy to disrupt GOP events by offering them free positive coverage on national media?

463) Who kicks a police officer after protesting against police brutality?

464) Who wants a pro-lifer to be raped?

465) Who trheatens to break out the guns and storm the streets?

466) Who hires a hitman to kill people who wear fur?

467) Who riots and attacks police because they support racial violence in South Africa?

468.) Who oh-so-predictably immediately launches a tidal wave of hateful, vulgar and violent remarks about Andrew Breitbart’s death?

469) Whose ‘anti-hate’ rally employs lots of insults and anti-gay slurs?

470) Who has a long history of misogynistic insults yet gets worked up when a Conservative makes a far milder joke? Massive list with examples here.

471) Who tries to disrupt a class because they disagree with the professor’s personal views, and then the President threatens all non-tenured professors not to hold the same views?

472) Who occupied the Dean’s office back in 1988… And then occupied the White House 20 year later?

473) Who lands yet another rape case?

474) Who accuses the Tea Party of being racist (an accusation debunked here), and attacks the camera when asked why he thinks so?

475) Who is found guilty of threatening to murder Sheriff Joe and family?

476) Who is caught on camera dumping a container of human crap and pee in an ATM lobby and stairs and gets arrested?

477) Who releases a song entitled “Kill Rush Limbaugh”?

478.) Who baits and harasses police hoping to get a reaction to catch on film?

479) Who offers a bounty and wants 10,000 black men to harass neighborhoods to capture Zimmerman?

480) Who shares the address of innocent old folks on Twitter which gets them hate mail and death threats because he thought it was Zimmerman’s address?

481) Who continuously hurls sexual innuendos and slurs at Wisconsin’s Female Lieutenant Governor?

482) Whose label releases a song encouraging listener to target the police?

483) Whose intimidation and libel have landed them a lawsuit under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act? (via AoSHQ)

484) Who just won a Democrat primary and wants ‘dirty Asian shops’ to go away?

485) Who calls for Zimmerman’s head, dead or alive, and hurls racial insults?

486) Whose <a href=”“>Attorney General lavishly praises a man who directly incited racial killings not once, but twice?

487) Who puts her 4-year-old daughter on train tracks?

488.) Who uses ear-piercing bullhorn sirens to drown out and disrupt a peaceful demonstration?

489) Who attacks a Starbucks and police with steel pipes as well as vandalizing the entire area?

490) Who spews racist and hate language against Madison Tax Day Tea Party Ralliers?

491) Who tweets for the killing of Zimmerman?

492) Whose irresponsible, tensions-rousing reporting on Zimmerman/Martin has led to not one, not two, but three grevious race-based attacks so far?

493) Who gang assaults two innocent bystanders as vengeance for Trayvon Martin?

494) Who plans a terrorist act using explosives? Hint: they are the leaders of a certain group!

495) Who damages property all around Seattle?

496), 497), 498.) Who abuses Twitter to get the accounts of Conservatives suspended, has accounts named after killing Zimmerman, and approves if a Conservative woman is raped and killed?

499) Who curses, insults, bashes and bullies Christians at a conference for high schoolers – in the name of ‘anti-bullying’? Witness it for yourself. Hint: Someone who espouses the violent death of his ideological opponents. Someone who is fundraised for by the Obama administration.

500) Who occupies a university research farm, turning it from well-run and productive to shoddy and destroying the ongoing research of scientists?

501) Who takes over a home purportedly to prepare it nicely for some homesless family – but merely move in themselves and wreck the place, making things worse than before for the single dad trying to sell it?

502) Who smugly approves of bomb plots, assaults, vandalism, and verbal abuse?

503) Who is a coward and thug who hits a female officer in the back of her head with a drum?

504) Who brings a stockpile of bombs, prybars and bags of sh*t to their riot?

505) Who attacks camera crews (yet again) and is caught on live footage?

506) Who releases a video prepping followers to cause chaos and violence?

507) Who attacks protestors from a different group?

508.) Who throws bricks from the roof and smashes a bystander’s face, getting him arrested?

509) Who exposes children to their profanity laden signs and chants?

510) Who pepper sprays, hits with glass bottles, sprays with pesticide, punches, and spits on those they disagree with… In the name of ‘tolerance’? (Recall the violence over Prop 8.)

511) Who guns down five people – including a 15-month-old toddler and is a Neo Nazi? Wither are the violent, mass-murdering Tea Partiers?

512) Who has graphics featuring beheaded cops and tweets death wishes?

513) Who shut down LAX and SF ferries and violently rioted as usual?

514) Who sings (terribly) to contribute to a benefit album for proven, again and again proven, lawbreakers and violence-initiators?

515) Who disparagingly jokes about the sexual mores of a fellow woman?

516) Who is in prison for making threats at a university… Yet has 40% of Democrats vote for him?

517) Who warmly receives a group known for physically intimidating voters with violence and calling for the vigilante death of Zimmerman?

518.) Who wants to ‘kill Romney’ and has their operatives harass donors?

519) Who shouts slurs at police?

520) Who photoshops porn of a female Conservative host and commentator?

521) And who defends the above despite being a fellow woman?

522) Who met with Ahmadinejad for secret discussions on working together?

523) Who is a convicted terrorists who stalks right wing bloggers?

524) Who whacks a pinata made to look like Republican Governer Nikki Haley?

525) Who has plenty of fantasies about killing whites – and is an Obama supporter to the point of physically intimidating voters?

526) Who wants (once again) dead police?

527) Who forms a mob and brutally attacks diners – in the name of ‘anti-fascism’?

528..) Who wishes he had a son who is violent like Trayvon Martin?

529) Who shouts down a student out of a fanatical devotion to Obama?

530) Who hoax calls police to raid homes of Conservatives – potentially getting them killed? Not to mention countless instances of intimidation, threats and vulgarity.

531) Who SWATS another family?

532) Who hacks a website and threatens contributors?

533) Who threw urine, feces and nail-studded golf balls at police and advocated throwing nails in front of police cars… And who parties down with them during a horrific recession?

534) Who tweets countless death threats at Governor Walker after he defeats the underhanded recall?

535) Who physically attacks a homeowner who removed pro-Dem signs from his own lawn?

536) Who lashes out a camera at the Walker recall vote?

537) Who has a history of animal abuse, kills someone, eat parts off it, rapes the corpse, then sends the dismembered foot to the Conservative Party?

538.) Who slaps… uh… her own contender?

539) Who wishes for the Lt Governor to die of colon cancer?

540) Who again and again intimidates and harasses critics, opponents and their families – causing actual real life inconvenience and danger to life – and who joins in on the attacks?

541) Who harasses donors to Romney

542) Who includes GW Bush’s head on a pike in their HBO series?

543) Who wants conservatives stripped of rights and possessions and imprisoned in camps?

544) Who constantly, obsessively harasses daily conservatives?

545) Who wants to see Romney’s house burn, then throws in a jab at his faith too?

546) Who uses government bodies to target those on its ‘enemies list’?

547) Who splices footage of an exploding bus onto Romney’s bus?

548.) Who started heckling long before the other side did and pays people to heckle?

549) Who intentionally planned and carried out harassment of media and taunting police, and defends child sex slavery?

550) Who heckles children who dare sing a patriotic song?

551) Who calls the GOP a party of apes – just before a black representative speaks?

552) Who has a history of hurling anti-gay slurs especially at conservatives?

553) Who burns the flag and sings F*ck you America… In response to a proposal to ban WEAPONS from Occupy?

554) Who punches a media photographer in rage?

555) Who stockpiled TASER, pistols with silencers, AR15 rifles, and poison tipped bullets in their illegal drug running operations?

556) Who stereotypically, homophobically accuses gays of supporting Romney out of mere lust for his sons?

557) Who suspends a student for criticizing Obama while the family carries out harassment?

558.) Who SWATs someone who just won a court case against a liberal harasser?

559) Who fakes a threat against himself to try and get the blog host in trouble?

560) Who regularly spews racism, sexism and profanity?

561) Who uses coarse language and profanity to rub the faces of opponents in the dirt over the Obamacare ruling?

562) Who laughs and jokes about suicide bombing Bush and Cheney and their families?

563) Who gloats over the Obamacare decision with a t-shirt including a cuss word?

564) Who intentionally sent US guns to Mexico so that criminals could kill innocents with them, and then would use those deaths to justify cracking down on gun sales?

565) Who wants to kill Whites, then repeatedly dig up the corpses and ‘re-kill’ them over and over?

566) Who calls for murder in response to the upcoming RNC?

567) Who gives the middle finger to former Presidents portraits… In the White House itself?

568.) Who uses homophobic slurs – yet is supposedly a champion of gay rights?

569) Who vandalizes for Obama?

570) Whose constant racist epithets and idolizing a violent felon have gotten a black actor very upset with him?

571) Who stalks Republicans?

572) Whose DNA matches that found at a murder scene from 2004?

573) Who sneak attacks peaceful anti-Obamacare demonstrators with raised fisticuffs? [Tipped by ZRM].

574) Who is an agnostic who murdered 12 and injured 58?

575) Who vandalizes a Chick-Fil-A restaurant and boast about it?

576) Who bullies a Chick-Fil-A employee and is less than fully apologetic about it?

577) Who hopes Chick-Fil-A eaters get cancer and insinuates they are child abusers?

578.) Who phone harasses the guy featured in a Romney ad?

579) Who calls in bomb threats against ChiCk-Fil-A?

580) Who tweets hatefully against Christians over Chick-Fil-A?

581) Whose media itself harasses Chick-Fil-A employees in their sad attempt to generate news?

582) Who issues death threats against a comedian who DARED make fun of their precious Obama?

583) Who is a gay activist who shoots up a traditional family group HQ out of rabid hate for Chick-Fil-A? And who refuses to mention or denounce the act?

584) Who invades an Obama Campaign HQ and starts a brawl? And no, it ain’t Tea Partiers!

585) Who invades the stage at a Paul Ryan rally and punches people?

586) Who casually tosses around a disrespectful, inflammatory, racist word like ‘n*ggerization’?

587) Who racistly characterizes blacks as good at fighting?

588.) Who spits in the face of a Romney supporter?

589) Who wants to murder Ann Romney and spews hate and death threats againt GOP women?

590) Who fundraises with someone who treatens lynching of those who expose drug dealers?

591) Who sends many threatening letters to a pro-traditional family group?

592) Who releases a guide on how to best riot and cause destruction at RNC?

593) Who is more than willing to put their own unsuspecting people in grievous harms’ way – caused by their own people?

594) Who knocks a video camera to the ground and makes threats?

595) Who wishes a tropical storm would kill those who hold different beliefs (as well as countless bystanders)?

596) Who laments the above not actually happening?

597) Who vandalizes the Wikipedia entry of an RNC speaker with profanity and vileness?

598.) Who tweets vulgar, profanity laden, sexually explicit tweets attacking Paul Ryan and wife?

599) Who sics private eyes using false, malevolent reporting onto those who oppose them?

600) Who objects fiercely when they think a tweet graphically, sexually insults Sandra Fluke… But then quietly redact when it turns out the tweet was aimed at Dana Loesch? Plus, tons of vulgar tweets targeted at Conservatives.

601) Who discovered, developed and spread an exploit to get Twitter user accounts blocked – and targeted many accounts simply on suspicion that the users lean Conservative?

602) Who (among various angered Muslims) wants a filmmaker to be killed?

603) Who vandalizes legals ads, and even spray paints and attacks someone who tries to stop it and is a frequent guest on MSNBC?

604) Who occupied a ROTC and Dean of Freshman offices in his college years? And is now responsible for an illegal operation that was intended to get innocent people murdered?

605) Who releases a pro-Obama ad full of cursing and expletives, including a young girl joining in?

606) Who harasses and intimidates an elderly couple just because they have a Romney sign in their yard?

607) Who bullies a student for wearing a Romney shirt?

608.) Who see a Romney sign in a 12-year-old’s yard, browbeats him and wishes he had been aborted?

609) Who piles on racism, vileness and hate on a black woman who dares support Romney?

610) Who spews profanity and wishes death to Romney over a complete an utter hoax that they foolishly fell for?

611) Who bullies, belittles and mocks his polite debate opponent?

612) Who piles vitriol and raging hatred at a liberal writer who supports Romney?

613) Who threatens to riot if Obama loses?

614) Who supports Obama and severely beats up someone who caught them removing pro-Romney signs from the yard?

615) Who continues to litter Twitter with calls and threats to murder Romney?

616) Who, in an allegedly humorous but actually not at all amusing way, threatens riots against Romney, complete with swearing?

617) Who is a big donor to Dems and slurs Jews, Catholics, Mexicans and gays?

618.) Who sends mail that menacingly hints at knowing the recipient’s voting history?

619) Who is gay and tells another gay to commit suicide rather than support Romney?

620) Who releases an ad featuring lots of ethnic STEREOTYPES commiting violent murder against Romney supporters?

621) Who is glad for Superstorm Sandy which killed over 100 people so long as it got Obama reelected?

622) Who wishes death and more at Kim Kardashian for showing support for Israel?

623) Who invades Speaker Boehner’s office while naked?

624) Who tweets death and hate at Alanis Morisette for her playing a concert in Israel?

625) Who tweets death and hate at Katy Perry for her praying for Israel?

626) Who are violent union thugs?

627) Who are violent union thugs again?

628.) Who are violent union thugs yet again?

629) Who are violent union thugs again and again?

630) Who are violent union thugs over and over again?

631) to 635) Who are violent union thugs… so many unending times again?

636) Who viciously beats his girlfriend and has his dad cover it up using connections?

637) Who wants legal gun owners to shoot themselves?

638.) Who draws tons of hate and death wishes when he falls sick?

639) Who takes sometimes violent advantage of other liberal lawbreaking saps?

640) Who is part of Occupy and was arrested with bomb materials?

641) Who writes that prying guns from the dead hands of their legal owners is fine?

642) Who burns down a Quaker meeting house?

643) Who rabidly digs up and publicizes any tiny bit of smear they can find about a Conservative they hate, a habit we continue to see repeated today?

644) Who publicizes the addresses of legal gun owners, leading to harassment and robberies targeted at stealing their guns while advertizing to robbers which homes are undefended?

645) Who is part of Occupy and planned to blow up the Washington Square Arch?

646) Who planned to attack Scott Walker with Molotov cocktails?

647) Who is anti gun yet beats and threatens to kill people?

648.) And putting paid to the utterly baseless myth of ‘rising right wing violence’, incidents of such nature decreased during Obama’s Presidency!

649) Who is arrested after threatening to shoot a fellow State Rep?

650) Who uses rude, sexist, homophobic language on internationally broadcast TV – yet suffers no condemnation from oh-so-PC liberals?

651) Who wants strict gun controls… Which makes sense since he is a rapist who would be greatly inconvenienced if potential victims were armed?

652) Whose violent, disgusting, lawbreaking protest was actually planned and funded by well off, educated, disproportionately White agitators?

653) Who is a cold blooded murderer and fugitive who supports, and is supported by liberals?

654) Who has countless upon countless cases of violence, including attempted murder, arson and severe physical injury?

655) Whose fearmongering and agitating provided the FRC shooter with a target address?

656) Who verbally and physically assaults a pro-Israel woman?

657) Who brags about lying to parents and thereby making students her obedient hostages?

658.) Who cheers, rejoices and insults over Margaret Thatcher’s passing?

659) Who rampages and stomps on pro-life signs?

660) Who mocks and can’t wait to attack the suicide of Rick Warren’s son?

661) Who planned to bomb civilians, killed cops and is now a leftist professor?

662) Who are unrepentant terrorists who are now leftist professors?

663) Who is supposed to be in charge of tolerance but calls Christians ‘bloody monsters’?

664) Who advocates killing millions of people just because they hold different views?

665) Who solicits sex with minors and is a top Obama bundler?

666) Who calls a Down Syndrome child ‘retarded’ on public television… And who defends him?

667) Who mobs and disrupts to stop a democratic vote that they don’t favor?

668.) Who threatens death when a gay man criticizes having two dads like he had?

669) Who calls a black man ‘Uncle Tom’ and tries to excuse himself that he didn’t know it is offensive?

670) Who goes on homophobic rants yet again – but is let off by similarly-aligned liberal groups?

671) Who threatens riots if Zimmerman is acquitted – even though acquittal looks to be the just and correct decision?

672) Whose intentionally biased, doctored, sensationalist coverage has supporters of Trayvon Martin promising to murder George Zimmerman if he is (rightfully) acquitted?

673) Who forces or brainwashes a young girl to hold a crude, crass sign?

674) Who wishes the shooting death of a baby after absolutely no personal insult or provocation to himself?

675) Who demands the murder of George Zimmerman?

676) Who misused and abused government apparatus to organize racial hate rallies that have led directly to death threats against, and a lifelong real danger to, George Zimmerman?

Above via Legal Insurrection.

677) Who comes prepared with urine, poop and other items to throw at senators working on an abortion bill?

678.) Who designs an app solely for the purpose of releasing addresses of gun owners?

679) Who carries out their promises to riot, vandalize and threaten death over Zimmerman’s trial outcome? Including the ever crude, ever lawless, ever violent Occupy thugs?

680) Who has long been involved with racial hatred leading to deaths before attempting it on Zimmerman?

681) Who is a mayor, a 20-year Congressman, and serial sexual assaulter? And who blackmailed his victims into silence? (And is Nancy Pelosi’s former colleague!)

682) And who is apathetic and uncaring about it?

683) And who ignored the story for decades?

684) And who covered it up to protect one of their own?

685) Who starts a Kill Zimmerman Facebook page?

686) Whose ‘justice for Trayvon’ extends to destroying card & property and stealing en masse from Walmart?

687) Who mobs and beats a Hispanic man bloody in revenge for Trayvon Martion… Hey wait, I thought Zimmerman was ‘white’???

688.) Who issues endless death threats against Zimmerman’s family and others linked to him?

689) Who wants ‘justice for Trayvon’ by barring a 7-year-old girl from desperately reaching hospital and punching her grandmother in the head? NO JUSTICE NO PEACE! FOR TRAYVON!

690) Who dismisses very real threats to the Zimmerman family… The same threats that were incited by remarks they made? And who <a href=”;.bullies the intern who dared raise the question? And who refuses to condemn him despite supposedly being for women? And who finally pleads guilty to False Imprisonment and Battery?

691) Who (once again) finds common cause with noted terrorists?

See also collection of ‘Justice for Trayvon’ mob violence at ‘Justice for Trayvon’ is Just and Peaceful?

692) Who makes kids hold up vulgar signs?

693) Who hurls racist invectives and hate at Bill Cosby and Charles Barkley for not condemning Zimmerman as a racist? (Teh irony!!!)

694) Who unleases a torrent of racist hatred when a black man goes against the liberal race-mongering tide?

695) Who makes threats and slurs duringpro-Trayvon march?

696) Who intentionally harasses and threatens a woman whom they know merely shares the same last name of George Zimmerman – even as the real George Zimmerman is out being his usual altruistic, helpful, good-natured self?

697) Who harasses conservative nonprofits, and leaks information so other groups can also harass them?

698.) Who is a vegan animal rights activist who murdered on behalf of ‘offended Muslims’?

699) Who pressures and attacks a writer for his personally held, non-publicly forced on others idea of marriage?

700) Who has to give in after many threatening emails?

701) Who punches a fellow protestor for being Latino and steals his bicycle?

702) Whose rally has violent and stealing youths? Funny how Tea Parties never have such things, hmm?

703) Who insults a black person who gives sound advice to black people?

704) Who slings misogynistic slurs at a woman who exposes dirty going ons?

705) Who is a registered Democrat and a very, very depraved and sick kidnapper and serial rapist? (Tipped by JWWright (@TheWrightWingv2))

706) Who has a long, sordid history of death wishes and misogyny?

707) Who committed a mass shooting a Navy base and is described by a close friend as an Obama fan?

708.) Who wishes for physical violence to force an agreement from the other end of the table?

709) Who pays people to harass WW2 veterans?

710) Who hopes John Boehner gets shot, even while baselessly blaming Tea Partiers in that same shooting?

711) Whose members of Congress block the roads in a n illegal rally and gets arrested?

712) Who points a gun at women protesting Obama?

713) Who gathers a thousand strong to violently attack and beat pro-lifers?

714) Who is now being sued over his completely misguided incitement in relation to the Zimmerman case?

715) Who crudely wants to urinate and defecate in Sarah Palin’s mouth – and remains unpunished by his liberal masters, with no apology from his liberal cohorts and no coverage by liberal networks?

716) Who shot up students at Arapahoe High School?

717) Who votes Obama and seem to cause the vast majority of gun deaths?

This indicates that almost 80% of the firearm homicides that were committed in Louisiana took place in voting precincts that gave President Obama more than 50% of the vote. The percentage of firearm homicides that occurred in similar Democrat voting precincts in Virginia and Minnesota were even higher.

…the precincts that gave President Obama more than 90% of the vote contained 13% of the Louisiana population and almost 56% of the firearm homicides. The resulting firearm homicide rate was 33.4 per 100,000 people; a level only seen in the most violent third-world countries. In contrast, the firearm homicide rate per 100,000 people for the precincts that gave President Obama less than 50% of the vote was 2.5, 1.0, and 0.4 for Louisiana, Virginia, and Minnesota, respectively.

Self-fulfilling prophecy, no wonder liberals are so anti-gun and afraid more guns will lead to more gun deaths… They base their assumptions on their own experience!

718.) Who wishes castration and death just because of a company objects to Obamacare?

719) Who wants to kill US citizens with drone strikes?

720) Who receives death threats against himself and his family for objecting to two men kissing explicitly on national TV?

721) Who gets death threats after being appointed to lead the effort to reveal the truth about Benghazi?

722) Who uses slurs and threatens death to students in her class who support the Tea Party?

723) Who were Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik, Jeffrey Dahmer, and the Columbine shooters?

724) Who uses slurs and wants to punch Conservatives and tries to erase the evidence of his violent mind?

725) Who spews profanity unapologetically and fantasizes openly about raping a woman?

726) Who makes rape and death threats against someone for merely objecting to an explicit act on national TV, and even tracks down and phone harass those who try and defend her?

727) Who posts racism at, and even the address of the mother of a pro-gun black man?

728.) Who punches a student until his nose is broken?

729) Who stabbed and shot 6 people and was a big fan of the far left Young Turks Youtube channel?

730) Who spews racism and hatred when a black woman joins FOX News?

731) Who spits bile and vile hatred at one of their own for being less indoctrinated than they are?

732) Who refers to Conservatives as a**holes in official work emails?

733) Who childishly insults a former student he disagrees with?

734) Who illegally blocks an Israeli ship from docking?

735) Who thinks it is immoral NOT to abort all Down’s babies?

736) Who tweets vile hate upon the death of Chick-Fil-A’s founder?

737) Who violently, physically attacks Palin’s family completely unprovoked?

738.) Who shuts down then death threats a pizza place from ever opening again?

739) Who threatens someone who is gathering donations for above pizza place?

740) Who vandalizes the apartment of a Muslim?

741) Who vandalizes and damages churches and church buses?

742) Who uncivilly jeers and disrupts a female speaker while accusing her of hurting their emotions and being anti-feminist?

743) Who leaves a gay man shaking in terror by their harassment?

744) Who wishes death just because someone tweets that he won’t call an XY-gened person by a female name?

745) Who sics hordes of bullies and trollfake reviewers to attack, harass, sabotage, curse at and call for suicide of authors they dislike?

746) Who threatens rape and death yet is defended simply for being on the ‘correct’ side and having suitable sociopolitical checkboxes marked?

747) Who claims to be a champion against abuse but brings an army of abusive, physical threat-issuing trolls to attack enemies and doesn’t care what innocents get caught in the bombardment, but rather justifies herself by smearing the victims?

748.) Who gleefully celebrates the death of a Supreme Court Justice and wishes the death of another?



First up, my compilation of Sarah Palin Derangement chock full of disgusting insults, rape wishes, death threats and sheer hatred which could count as dozens more examples of liberal violence – 413 cases and counting!

See also this list of gross abuses of human rights – including mass murder and slavery – championed by Democrats.

What do these convicted felons have in common? Take a closer look!

Ann Coulter has more. See also Michelle Malkin’s expose on how right=violence claims have fizzled out.

Michelle Malkin has a pictorial roundup of the last ten years of Leftist hate and violence.

And a list of blame the Right attempts that turned out utterly disproven (towards the end of the post).

See also a list of 7 cases where the Left loudly tried to blame Conservatives for murders with zero evidence available, but became silent as soon as they were proven wrong. Michelle Malkin has a column detailing the same topic.

Many of the above listed in conversation format in this video:

West to the West Wing has a parallel summary. Thanks for the linkage btw.

Here’s an article on left on left violence. Those liberals are so unhinged and chaos-loving, they can’t even restrict their violence to their political opponents!

Michelle Malkin lists and describes multiple incidents of vulgar and violent anti-Walker rage in this column.

Gateway Pundit has a short pictorial rundown of liberal violence against Tea Partiers.

Michelle Malkin has a top ten union thuggeries of the year.

Michelle Malkin has a refresher course on Astro-turfed protests by the Left including hired protestors who can’t read the signs they are holding.

Via Liberal Logic 101:

Via Liberal Logic 101:

Via The Jawa Report:

Sociopolitical Views

March 24, 10

Regular commentors are invited to share theirs. I’ll begin as an example.

Abortion: Pro-life. Abortion only in health emergencies or rape, incest etc.

American politics: Lean Conservative, not necessarily Republican.

Anthropogenic Global Warming: Skeptic.

Communism: Nice idea that really, really doesn’t work in the real world.

Economy: Free market with regulations to prevent unethical practices.

Energy: Fossil fuels now, gradual introduction of better technologies and renewable energy. Pet favourite is

Polywell clean fusion reactor. USA should drill for its own oil, stop buying it from terror-funders.

Environment & Animals: Humans first. Animals should be treated well, but have no rights per se.

Evolution: Middle ground. Transitional fossils meh, DNA link yeh. Still don’t see how macro-evolution could work.

Government size: Smaller, leaner government. Privatization is the way to go.

Gun rights: Gun ban in countries with few guns, concealed carry for countries already swimming in guns.

Homosexuality: Neutral on gay marriage. Believe homosexuality is prohibited by JudeoChristianity.

Immigration: Legal only, skills/qualification/dire needs based, no mass amnesty. Thousands are waiting patiently in legal line. If you broke the law to get in, you’re likely to break the law in other ways too.

Israel/Palestine: Two state solution. Hamas stops trying to kill Israelis, and Israel reciprocates.

Obama: Think he is inexperienced, egoistic, very very far left, doing a lousy job.

Religion/Philosophy: Protestant Christian.

Torture: Hawkish. Water in your nose is not torture, gouging our eyes as shown in Al Qaeda manuals is.

War on Terror/National Defense: Hawkish. Peace through strength. Military intervention to prevent genocide. Kill terrorists before they kill innocents (including Muslim


Why Were the Communists Usually Also Atheists?

March 24, 10

I’ve been wondering, why is it that just about all the Communist dictatorships were also de facto atheistic or downright anti-religion (Stalin, Pol Pot)? What similarities or complementing factors led to this synergy?

At this point, I can only conjecture some reasons:

1) Traditional religions get in the way of the new religion of Leader Worship.

2) Religion proposes a higher moral authority than mere fallible man (whether God or the law of karma), which undermines the control of the Party.

3) Religions come with an existing set of immutable laws and an absolute moral code, which interferes with the State’s fascist policies (i.e. the state comes first, Thou Shall Not Murder be darned).

4) Religion attributes a higher, spiritual purpose for humanity, which conflicts with the Communist higher purpose of The Greater Good (again, the state comes first, 8 million Ukrainians be darned).

5) Monotheistic religion generally rejects or is antipathic towards evolutionary theory, something that is seen as a challenge to the Social Darwinist policies carried out by Communist regimes.

If anyone has more solid info, please feel free to share.

See also my comparison/contrast between early Christianity and Communism.

Public Health Hazards That Should be Banned: Smoking vs Homosexuality

March 23, 10

So the ‘recreational activity’ of smoking is proven to increase the chances of getting lung cancer.


This fact has liberals ardently wishing and campaigning for the state-enforced banning of all smoking, anywhere and everywhere. (Here I differ from the standard conservative, in that I support the phasing out of all smoking as it contains addictive substances – no fundamental difference from drugs.)

Meanwhile, the ‘recreational activity’ of male-male homosexuality is the cause of HIV infection for 72% of males (27,455 individuals surveyed), contributing to the HIV infection rate being highest among gay men60 times greater than for the general population. It doesn’t help that many of them intentionally try and get/spread infections.

Smoking vs Homosexuality

And much much more:

22 percent—the increase in new infections among gay and bisexual men in the United States from 2008 to 2010.

Homosexual and bisexual men account for 75 percent of syphilis.

78 percent of all new HIV infections are among males, primarily homosexuals.

Over 25 percent of all HIV infections in the United States are among young males ages 13 to 24.

And here’s a summary infographic for ya.

The Journal of Sex Research reports, “Although heterosexuals outnumber homosexuals by a ratio of at least 20 to 1, homosexual pedophiles commit about one-third of the total number of child sex offenses.”

Psychological Reports and the International Journal of Epidemiology reported the same findings: Homosexuals have a 20-year-shorter lifespan.

It’s not a mystery why the FDA bans homosexual male blood donations or why so many homosexuals suffer from what is medically known as gay bowel syndrome and herpes lesions in the mouth.

Depending on the source, homosexual men have a mean lifetime number of sexual partners falling anywhere between 250 to 500.

But you’d be hard pressed to find a liberal who advocates restrictions on casual, multi-partner, unprotected sodomy – let alone state-enforced laws! – despite the very real potential for a massive health crisis.

And perfectly fitting, via Moonbattery, from Liberal Logic 101:

PS. Add in 33-50 times more syphilis to the mix. Almost all of the 870% increase over 10 years in syphilis cases in Canada are among homosexual men. 8 times higher than general populace in USA.

(Smoking doesn’t even kill other people, with the debatable caveat of secondhand smoke, but compared to first-hand AIDS…)

PPS. And domestic violence 3000% greater, cheating 19 times higher, 85% of partnerings don’t last past 11 years… With 45% of lesbians receiving violence and 30% sexual assault – by other women. And this is probably way under-reported because of a fear of making the community look bad.

PPPS. children with higher rates of poverty, health problems, crime and… SMOKING!!!

PPPPS. Higher eating orders, suicide, depression, addiction, and 44x HIV contraction rate as other men (according to CDC)

PPPPPS. And a comparison of two-mom vs traditional families outcome on children.

If I were more crude, I’d have snazzed up the title of this post with that double-meaning word that applies to both ciggies and gay men.

Homosexual Birth Control

March 22, 10

From Very Demotivational:

Gay Birth Control


Where is Your Darwin Now? Gay

The Circle of Life Homosexual Sense

However, that’s not to say that it is without its other major risks

Obama’s Idea of Democratic Due Process

March 22, 10

Via Moonbattery.

More here.

See AosHQ for details.

If Obamacare and all of his other ‘solutions’ are soooooooooooooo good, then why did he have to resort to circumventing the vote in every case? Especially when up till recently, he had Dem supermajorities in both the Senate and Congress – so why does he always resort to blaming the Republicans when they couldn’t even filibuster?

JB Cops Catch 2 Serial Robbers

March 22, 10

From The Star 22 Marc 2010:

Cops nab duo after chase and shootout

JOHOR BARU: Two men believed to be responsible for more than 10 robberies have been arrested after a high-speed car chase which ended in a shootout.

The suspects, both 34, even crashed their silver Proton Waja into four police patrol cars in their attempt to evade capture during the pre-dawn chase yesterday morning.

Seri Alam deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Saifi Abd Hamid said several police personnel suffered light injuries in the incident and had to be given outpatient treatment.

“We believe that the suspects are involved in more than 10 theft and robbery cases in the state. They have been operating since 2001,” he said.

A police patrol unit had earlier spotted the Proton Waja in front of a hypermarket near Taman Johor Jaya at about 4.20am.

When told to stop, the suspects rammed their vehicle into the patrol car before speeding off.

The suspects again rammed into the patrol car after the police gave chase, before the police cornered them at a dead end in Taman Mount Austin.

Five other patrol cars joined in the chase and tracked down the suspects to a location near the Puspakom office in Taman Daya.

One of the officers fired several shots at the suspects as they crashed their Proton Waja into three other patrol cars. One of the suspects was wounded on his right hip.

DSP Saifi said police seized a 12-inch dagger, a pocket knife, a 19-inch machete, 20 steel cutters and several sets of car keys from the suspects.

He said the two men had pulled off a robbery at a computer shop in Taman Johor Jaya at 9.30pm on the same day and stole two laptops valued at more than RM4,000.

He urged anyone with information to contact the police hotline at 07-2212999 or the nearest police station.

Wondering if these two could just possibly be the ones who robbed me?

Dueling Analogs: Real World Mario

March 19, 10

Dueling Analogs How It Really Happened Super Mario Bros

Click the comic snippet above to view the full comic and a rundown of how the real-world analogues were chosen.

Cool mon… Check out the matching colour schemes. Mature content warning though!

See also gritty real life Mario movie trailer.

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